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January 2018


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Season #33 is warming up here in the office; there are still two short trips open for family or group charter. Other than those two, you can be assured of good company on the rest of our 2018 adventures under sail.

Crew's News
Next is box-and-boat month  in the heated shop across the cove. The cove itself is winter home for four loons, some mallard and eider ducks, and occasional  chunks of sea ice.

courtesy of Ralph Smith

While Sarah is painting and I am puttering in the winter shop near the big woodstove, Matthew is baking in southern Maine, Christa is ski instructing, and Andy our long time some time cook is hard at work in the Virgin Islands.

courtesy of Perry Davis

Cruise News

          Eight night Cruise to Stellwagen Bank, Jeffreys Ledge, and Gloucester

Once again we've scheduled a cruise to look for whales around the Gulf of Maine this June. Over the years we've been fortunate enough to see humpbacks, minkes, finbacks, and rarely right whales around the Gulf of Maine.  There are faster ways to go see whales, but sailing in their company with no set time to hurry back to harbor is worth the extra time. An overnight sail or two, new harbors, a few marine museums, and great meals and company... and whales!

Right whale tale

Right whale flipper

And here's Christa's from this adventure a couple of seasons ago


courtesy of Ralph Smith

Gannet spotted offshore, drafting behind our mainsail

Postcards from away and a while ago  



courtesy of Larry Chabot

We take our lobsters seriously here




courtesy of J.P. Boudreau




the third annual  holiday card from Harvey in Hanoi


the Hanoi holiday fleet crossing Muscongus Bay



"Can't stop  time is money" 


This is the illustration on the title page of "A Voice from the Deep", written by Captain Peter Strickland and published in 1874. When he retired from shipping he acted as shipping agent and US Commissioner in West Africa before retiring to Dorchester, Massachusetts. My copy was autographed by him in 1912. I've had it for almost fifty years.


courtesy of Ralph Smith


Who cares if it's snowing; we'll be sailing in sixteen weeks.

      John and the crew

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