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January 2018
Thank you to our donors!
The Community Foundation would like to recognize and thank the following individuals, families, and organizations for their generous donations in the month of December 2017. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made;
 Online through the Donate Now button
Mailed to 1701 N Wayne St, Angola, IN 46703
Or brought into the office between 8:30 and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  Board of Directors Legacy Fund
Jim Stock, a founding board member of SCCF, died on August 12, 2017. Jim served on the SCCF board from December 1991 through June 2001. One of Jim’s last wishes was to have a permanent endowment fund set up at SCCF that “would provide the greatest benefit to the foundation.” After his passing, SCCF received many memorial gifts from friends and family. After consulting with his family, the Board of Directors Legacy Fund was established. This fund is in memory of all past board members who have passed on and will support the Steuben County Community Foundation’s operating expenses.

Jim’s widow, Anita Stock, said: “Jim was very aware of his roots and deeply commitment to the community. He thought it was very important to make a permanent investment into the community he loved so much.” Jim’s son, Kevin Stock, said: “SCCF was a part of his makeup and being. He was always wanting to help out. This fund is a perfect reflection of my father’s wishes.” 

The Board of Director’s Legacy Fund will help SCCF help the community and the donors who wish to make a difference in the lives of Steuben County residents, while honoring those who have served SCCF through the years. If you wish to learn more about creating a fund at SCCF please contact jdanic@steubenfoundation.org or call 260-665-6656.

Jim and Anita Stock pictured at a board gathering in June 2017. Jim died less than 2 months later. His family recently established a fund in memory of all former SCCF board members that will annually support SCCF operations.   
Scholarships are Coming to a Close! 

Scholarship applications are coming to a close this month. Scholarships have been open since November 1 st , 2017 and are available to all high school seniors wishing to further their education as well as non-traditional students. Applications close January 31, 2018 at 4:30 PM; no submissions after this time will be accepted. If you wish to be kept updated, you can follow our Twitter or Instagram for reminders, tips, and updates.

When applying for scholarships make sure you submit your common application first! The common application includes information needed for scholarship awards. Also, don’t forget to reread your essays and double check your spelling!

There is still time to apply! If you have questions or need assistance at all please contact Jacqui at 260-665-6656 or jgentile@steubenfoundation.org
FIST School Personnel Resource Grant Available Now!

FIST seeks to empower the youth of Steuben County to become the leaders of tomorrow by sharing their resources and empowering others to donate their time, talents and treasures. Every year FIST chooses school personnel to receive grants to help enhance instructional programs or support school activities or projects that correspond with the FIST mission statement of up to $1,000. Last year, FIST gave out 19 grants to school personnel.

Applications opened January 3, 2018 and will close April 1, 2018. They are available to any school personnel, K-12, employed at MSD of Steuben Co., Hamilton Community Schools, and Fremont Community Schools, including the EOC. If you wish to apply or learn more , please visit our website.  

Members of FIST & friends shown here in October 2017 while "trick or treating" for canned goods. FIST's next big project is managing a grant program to help Steuben County public school personnel.

Jim Burns, Chair
Randy White, Vice Chair
Julie Troyer, Secretary
Doug Bomba, Treasurer
Kathy Armstrong
Dave Goodwin
Sherry Holiday
Jim Ingledue
Phil Meyer
Adam Miller
Chris Snyder
Kevin Stoy
Jaime Walker
Jan Williams

President & CEO

Office Manager 

Program Officer

Youth Philanthropy Coordinator 

SCCF Intern

 The Steuben County Community Foundation has a Notary Public on staff.
Contact  Sandy Ferrell  for details
2017 Endowment Booklet
 Click Here to see a copy of the Endowment Funds administered by SCCF. Updated October 2017

The Steuben County Community Foundation is confirmed in compliance with the  National Standards for US Community Foundations. 
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