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Where Do Babies Come From?
After tackling the question of "why is the sun yellow and the sky blue?" yesterday, it seems logical to tackle the next question of "where do babies come from?" Some of my general practice has been focused on treating infertility, in couples who are having trouble conceiving for one reason, or another. Aside from cases where there is a measurable physical or organic reason preventing pregnancy, which is fortunately in the minority, I've had a fairly high success rate where the cause is at the functional level.

Patient's Testimonial
As per the newsletter I thought I'd send in a bit of feedback from our experiences with Arcanum. First, we thank both of you, Allyson and Jeff for the roles you each have played in helping both my son and I achieve much greater health and well-being. On consultation days, it's always so exciting because it feels like I have arrived home and get to spend time with a very good friend, one who enlightens me to the truth, and who shines a light on my path.

This month our son officially transitioned into a residential home after a slow transition of 3 days a week for a few months prior. It's been amazing to watch him adapt to new people (staff and 3 residents), and to be in a new home away from his parents. He's content and at ease there. The staff have shared several times with us, that he slid in there with ease, fitting like an old pair of gloves. Thanks to his treatments, there's no doubt it's helped to prepare him in so many ways to more easily embark on this new journey towards greater independence, discoveries and freedom for his life.

My Heilkunst treatments have helped me to let go and to be able to get myself off the roller coaster that I had embarked on with him and his autism world several decades ago. I was able to do this in a much healthier way than I ever thought possible, after raising him for almost three decades. I feel so much at ease and at peace. These days, I am focusing solely on myself and whatever it is that I want create in this next phase of my life. It's feels like child's play. I find that I have pulled back from exterior demands and instead am focused on giving to myself what I have always given to everyone else. My treatments are leading me to awakening to who I truly am. It's not always been a piece of cake or an easy journey to go through treatments and what presented itself for me to deal with, but the rewards of such a deep transformation is truly out of this world when I stop to think about it. I very much sense that I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg with what will be possible for me. I'm incredibly grateful.

There's no doubt that my son and I have been brought to exactly what was needed in this lifetime with these treatments.

So profoundly grateful for your service, and kind and loving support!!

~Suzanne M.

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Dear  ,

This month we're talking about babies and birth control. Did you know that a large percentage of the population is born in September? The most popular date is Sept. 19th with over 12,000 births alone on that day. 

Source:  https://www.rd.com/culture/september-popular-birth-month/

The reason being surmised is that the frosty weather, time off over the holidays, and the urge to merge just seems to take us when we're not working so hard at our day jobs. Perhaps we get a little free babysitting thrown into the mix, with extended family, and the next thing we know, we're due in late August or September.

Our blogs are focused this month on, "The Pill", and also, "Where Do Babies Come From." You may be surprised that there's a new thing or two to learn since grade 10 health class. We aim to bring you the latest truths that often exploit the party line on health and sexuality.

Jeff and I are getting ready to head over to Cancun in early February to spend some time seaside with our son, Jordan. He's flying down to meet us from Ottawa and we're excited to take him snorkeling in Puerto Morelos, the second largest barrier reef in the world. We also want to show him the spawning centre for sea turtles on Isla Mujeres.

Cozumel has a handmade chocolate factory that we love and the hot chili chocolate is mind blowing. We will rent a rag top beetle from another era ... okay from when I was a kid... and tour the island. There's a restaurant with mind-blowing ceviche and you can wiggle your toes in the sand while eating and watching the waves crash on the shore. I love to swim there after a late lunch.

Our hope is that you're all keeping warm, or perhaps escaping to a hotter spot too, this winter. Either way, if you're due in September, we'll know that you created your own heat wherever you are.


Ally and Jeff
The Pill Blog

L ook around you, do you know women who live out of this state of mind? Perhaps you do too? Have you taken "The Pill?" Did your mother take "The Pill" before having you?

I, myself, suffered such severe migraines with kaleidoscopic vision on "The Pill" and then a mini-stroke at the Women's College Hospital in Toronto over 30 years ago. I also developed a tumour the size of golf ball in my left breast (go to the link on our bio to listen to the FREE audiobook for more), AND I also suffered this state of mind.

As Physicians (knowledge of the spirit), it is our responsibility to look at greater phenomena that has resulted from a patriarchal society and address each state of mind that spawns symptoms of this nature. So many of us have remained pawns to the insidious forces feeling like prey with no way out, deeply desiring to find our way back to our essential selves, our divine factory settings.

It is our birthright to first fully understand ourselves, the matrix we live in and then harness the forces of nature in order to annihilate diseases of this nature that keep us pinioned. Heilkunst Medicine, using the homeopathic principle: like cures like, enables us to do this. We can say "No." It begins with us. Remember who you are.

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