January 2018 Newsletter
January 2018 Edition
Welcome to our 5th Newsletter! We hope that you are enjoying following our plans for our cohousing community in Marin. Come share our excitement as we celebrate our two year anniversary and recent agreement to purchase our site.

We will have an informational meeting on January 13 from 3 – 5 pm at the Interfaith Counseling Center: 15 Austin Ave, San Anselmo, 94960

There is room for at least 21 more families in our planned inter-generational community. We are planning to have 31 units on a 2.6 acre site. Discounts are available for those who join soon.
Looking forward to 2018 and Beyond
Where we are now in January 2018: 10+ committed households and growing!
  • Land Purchase secured by members of the LLC
  • Gratitude Dinner January 14, 2018
  • Workshops to move forward in February or March 2018 as we design our cohousing community
  • 2019 Construction begins
  • Summer 2020 we move in to our cohousing community!
Looking Back...
Over 2 years since our Kick Off in Novato 9.15.15
  • Core Commitment of 10+ households including 3 families
  • Membership dues established 5.7.16
  • Core group phone calls once to twice a month
  • Cohousing Day field trip to 5 East Bay Cohousing communities 4.30.16
  • Visited Yulupa Cohousing in Santa Rosa 5.7.17
  • Newsletter started July 2016
  • Website launched 8.16 - with all the information you could ask for!!!!
  • John and Judy behind the scenes outreach to possible advocates, partners, site visits, plans, more plans, revision of plans, meetings and more meetings, excitement, caution, so close we can already taste it.
  • Met many, many people interested in cohousing and in our project
  • NBcH1 LLC formed with first meeting December 2 and 3, 2017
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement negotiated October – December, 2017
Meet a Family in Our Core Group - Catherine and Lila
Catherine grew up in Iowa for the first half of her life, but has lived in the Bay Area for the second half. She has always loved living in community, whether it was camp or the co-op she lived in for 5 years in Oakland. Catherine is a single mom to Lila, an energetic and creative 7 year old, who loves animals, as well as their dog Wonder, an unendingly patient American Bully. "Living in community, I loved how a trip to the bathroom would end up in a sweet conversation with a housemate which would lift my soul that I didn't even know needed lifting. I hate parties, but living in community is different. It's more like being among family where there are opportunities for connection without required small talk."
Contact Us!
The meetings are announced on our Meetup page. Please RSVP. If you haven't yet signed up on our Meetup page, please check it out here .

We can only do this together. Please join us…AND please send us your thoughts to: marincohousing@gmail.com
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