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Little League University Training Center

Little League has a complete online training center for Coaches, Parents, Players, Umpires and League Officials.  Please be sure to check out the below link for valuable information as well as practice plans, training ideas, parent information and valuable coaching information. 

Little League University


Sunday February 25 - Player Evaluation Day

Saturday March 10  - St. Baldricks

Monday March 19 OR Tuesday March 20 (TBD)  - Baseball Coaches Meeting 6:30pm

Saturday April 14 - Opening Day!!

Friday May 18 - Trenton Thunder Night

Saturday June 16 - Championship Day & Picnic

Trenton Thunder Night - Friday May 18 2018

Our annual Lawrence Little League night at the Trenton Thunder will be Friday May 18 2018.  Make sure you save the date.  Information regarding ticket sales will be coming soon.  

    Little League Baseball:

        WHO:        Any new player to the league ages 7 and older that did not                                play in Lawrence Little League during the Spring of 2017

        WHERE:  Schafer Sports Center
                  5 Graphics Ave.
                  Ewing NJ 08628

WHEN:      Sunday February 25 1:15pm - 2:45pm

Little League Softball: 
         WHO:     All players age 10 and younger, even if you played Lawrence                                  Little League Softball in Spring 2017

          WHERE:  Schafer Sports Center
                 5 Graphics Ave.
                 Ewing NJ 08628

   When:   Sunday February 25  3:00pm - 4:45pm

St. Baldrick's

Lawrence Little League teams up with St. Baldrick's

St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer organization that provides research for the cure of childhood cancer. 
On Saturday March 10, 2018 Amalfi's Restaurant will be hosting the annual St. Baldrick's head shaving event to raise money for the foundation. 

Lawrence Little League has formed a team that will be shaving their heads.   Please help us by joining our team or donating to this great cause.  Our goal is to raise $15,000.00. 
Last year we raised $12,43700 as a team. (we came in 2nd place)  The Amalfi's event in 2017 raised $160,789.00 in total.

Please join us by becoming a shavee, making a contribution or by joining us on the day of the event to support the volunteers and shavee's.  This event over the years has become a true Lawrence Township Community Event ( Even covered by 6ABC News). 

Please click on the below link to join our team or make a donation.

Little League Yankees Summer Baseball Camp

August 13-17 at Princeton Day School


Below are 10 of the most common misinterpreted Little League Rules

1. The hands are considered part of the bat. If a pitch hits the batter's hands it is either fair or foul.

Approved Ruling:  The hands are part of the batter's body. Therefore, an umpire must judge if the ball hit the bat or the batter first. This scenario is covered by Little League rule 6.08(b). 

2. If the batter "breaks his wrists" when swinging, it's a strike.

Approved Ruling:  The term "breaks his/her wrists" does not appear in the Little League rulebook. The umpire must judge whether, or not, the batter attempted to swing at the pitch as stated in the definition of a strike in Rule 2.00. 

3. If a batted ball hits the plate first it's a foul ball.

Approved Ruling:  Home plate, first, second, and third base are all completely within fair territory. The foul lines are also within fair territory. In order to rule the ball foul, it must have come to rest in foul territory or be touched in foul territory.  See Rule 2.00. 

4. The batter cannot be called out for interference if he is in the batter's box.

Approved Ruling:  Offensive/Batter Interference is defined in Rule 2.00, and there is no specific exception for the batter's box. The batter's actions are what causes interference and not necessarily where he is, as defined in Rule 6.06(c) (1), (2) and (3). 

5. The ball is dead on a foul-tip.

Approved Ruling:  As defined in Rule 2.00, the ball is always live on a foul tip. Therefore runners may be put out or advance at their own risk. 

6. The batter may not switch batter's boxes after two strikes.

Approved Ruling:  The batter may switch batter's boxes at any time while the ball is dead. According to Rule 6.06(b), the batter may only be called out for stepping from one batter's box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch. The number of balls or strikes on the batter is not relevant. 

7. The batter who batted out of order is the person declared out.

Approved Ruling:  According to Rule 6.07, the batter that is supposed to bat (the proper batter) is the one that is declared out, when the defensive properly appeals the infraction. 

8. The batter is considered "out" if he/she starts for the dugout before going to first base after an uncaught third strike.

Approved Ruling:  In order to declare the batter "out" for abandoning his/her effort to advance, he/she must step into "dead ball" territory. 

9. The batter-runner is always out if he runs outside the running lane after a bunted ball.

Approved Ruling:  The batter-runner may be called out for interference if he fails to run within the runner's lane for the last half of the distance to first base. Furthermore, the defensive team must throw the ball in order for the interference to occur Rule 6.06(j). 

10. If a batter swings at a pitch, and the pitch hits the batter in the batter's box, the batter is awarded first base.

Approved Ruling:  The batter is not awarded first base. A strike is defined in Rule 2.00(e). Since the batter swung, a strike is recorded, and, if it was the third strike, the batter is out. No uncaught strike situation occurred since the ball is dead once it contacts the batter

Spring 2018 Registration coming to a close soon.  Make sure you register before the late fee applies.  

Please visit our website to register and for more information on our upcoming season.  
Please remember that new bat rules went into effect starting 1/1/2018.  This includes any and all indoor training that occurs.  Please refer to our website for more information regarding the new bat rules.
All New bats MUST have the below USA Bat symbol on it


LTJBSA / Little League Meetings

Each month the LTJBSA (Lawrence Twp. Junior Baseball & Softball Association) has meetings the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Each meeting will be held 7:30pm at the American Legion Post 458 on the Brunswick Circle. 
1438 Brunswick Ave, Trenton, NJ 08638

                            Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Lawrence Twp.

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