The Newsletter
First Presbyterian Church
Roswell, New Mexico
January 2018

What future does God have in mind for Roswell FPC?  How can we be faithful and courageous disciples of Christ in Roswell at this time?  How can we be open to new ways of being Christ's church in our town t oday?  What new ministries and initiatives might the Holy Spirit be prompting us to consider or adopt?   How do we best use our amazing people and resources for the glory of God, and in the service of God's kingdom, in 2018 and beyond?   What paths will lead us to renewal and growth, both numerical and spiritual, in the years to come?
I ponder these and related questions daily, and invite you to ponder them with me.  One essential purpose of our new Prayer Group is to pray for discernment and clarity from the Holy Spirit, as we together seek their answers.   I encourage you to pray diligently about them, also.
There are countless books, articles, websites, and blogs dedicated to the study of these questions, and I try to keep up with at least some of the voluminous literature related to them. Many churches have found ways to revitalize and renew, but they are frankly in the minority, especially among mainline churches (Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal, and similar ones). The journey is never easy, and it always requires new ways of doing things, of being the church of Christ today.
Your thoughts on these matters are very welcome. Let's meet to talk about them.  Above all, please pray conscientiously about them.
I am convicted that God means for First Presbyterian Church to renew, revitalize, and grow in this new world in which we are living.  I am convicted that the Spirit will use us in the service of Christ, and of God's kingdom, in the years to come.  Our task is to prayerfully discern and faithfully act, according to that discernment.  Our task is to be Christ's church in Roswell and in the world, serving and loving others with joy in his name. I wonder what surprises God has in mind for us?
With you on the journey,
Pastor John

Happy New Year to You!!
Dates to Remember!
The Church Office will be closed on Monday, January 1st, in observance of New Year's Day Holiday!
The Deacons will meet on Thursday, January 4th, at 5:00pm. 

Communion Sunday is January 7th.
The Men's Fellowship Luncheon Meeting is set for Tuesday, January 9th, at noon at Peppers Restaurant.
The Church Management Committee will meet on Friday, January 12th, at 7:00am at Cerritos Restaurant. 
The Church Office will be closed on Monday, January 15th, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday. 
The Mission Committee will meet on Tuesday, January 16th, at 4:00pm in the Church Parlor.
The January Stated Session Meeting is set for Thursday, January 18th, at 5:15pm.
The Pastor's Study Group will begin on Wednesday, January 10th, at 5:30pm, in the Parlor. Pastor John will lead a five-week study of Paul's Letter to the Philippians.  (Read the letter as preparation.)  Everyone is welcome!
The Prayer Group will begin weekly gatherings on Friday, January 12th, at noon, in the Parlor. The group will pray weekly for our church, its members, and our community, nation, and world.  Come join in this essential ministry.
Choir Practice happens on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm in the Choir Room.  New choristers are always welcome! 
Breakfast at Martin's Capital Café every Wednesday morning at 7:30am.  Everyone is welcome!
January 2018 Worship Schedule
Scripture Readings
January 7th - Baptism of the Lord
10:00am Communion Worship Service 
Scriptures: Genesis 1:1-5; Psalm 29; Acts 19:1-7;
Mark 1:4-11 
January 14th - 2nd Sunday after Epiphany
10:00am Worship Service
Scriptures:  1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20); Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20; John 1:43-51
January 21st - 3rd Sunday after Epiphany
10:00am Worship Service
Scriptures:  Jonah 3:1-5, 10; Psalm 62:5-12;
1 Corinthians 7:29-31; Mark 1:14-20
January 28th - 4th Sunday after Epiphany
10:00am Worship Service 
Scriptures:  Deuteronomy 18:15-20; Psalm 111;
1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28
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Communion Sunday
January 7th
Loving God, you have given us a share in the one bread and the one cup and made us one with Christ.  Help us to bring your salvation and joy to all the world. We ask this through Christ Our Lord.  Amen
If you would like to receive home communion, please call the Church Office at 622-4910. 
________ ___________ 

Check out the beautiful mural of Noah's Ark painted on the Nursery wall by Brianna Tucker!


Pastor John will lead a study of Paul's Letter to the Philippians beginning Wednesday evening, January 10, for five Wednesdays (through February 7) in the church Parlor. The class will meet at 5:30pm and finish at 6:30pm each evening, but participants are welcome to stay longer for discussion if their schedules permit it. Participants are asked to read the letter entirely before January 10, and particular sections for each meeting. It is understood that participants may not be able to attend all of these gatherings; come anyway.
In the Philippian letter Paul is particularly keen to maintain the unity of the church in Philippi, and the church's joy in Christ, under difficult and trying conditions. The letter has some important lessons for particular churches, like Roswell FPC, in 2018.
John will lead a Lenten study beginning Wednesday, February 21. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Lenten study.
Come join us for a study of Philippians! Contact Pastor John for more information.
________ __________________ 
A new Prayer Group, led by Pastor John, will begin gatherings on Friday, January 12, at noon in the church Parlor.  The group will meet for an hour or so weekly, year-round.
The Prayer Group will pray for our church and its members, and for our community, nation, and the world.  It will normally begin with praying a psalm, and will also include prayers of confession and thanksgiving. Silent prayer will also be a regular practice for the group.
Come as you are able; everyone is welcome. The group will meet every Friday, unless unusual circumstances prevent it. Contact Pastor John for more information.
________ __________________ 
Men's Fellowship Luncheon
The Men's Fellowship Luncheon Group will meet on Tuesday, January 9th, at noon at Peppers Restaurant.
The guest speaker for the luncheon will be John Chaves, PhD, Director of the International Law Enforcement Academy.  Please contact Wayne Glass for more information.
________ __________________ 

The Baptism of Olivia Louise Miller, daughter of Jacqueline and Randy Miller taken on Sunday,

December 3, 2017.  Olivia is the granddaughter of

Ron and Cindy Miller. 



Could You Be a Worship Liturgist?
Have you considered joining our corps of dedicated Worship Liturgists, assisting in worship on occasional Sundays? We could use your gifts for the work of leading God's people in worship. Training and support provided! If you sense a call to this ministry, please contact Pastor John. Thank you.
The session of FPC-Roswell met for its monthly meeting on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at the church.  After confirming a quorum and approval of the agenda, Reverend Guthrie opened with prayer and led a short devotional regarding the German pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's thoughts on Advent.
The minutes from the November 16, 2017 Session meeting were approved.  The Clerk noted the membership transfer of Bill Armstrong to Ruidoso and the death of former member Walter Gibson, November 14, 2017.  A memorial service is tentatively scheduled for Friday, January 5th, at 2:00pm at FPC-Roswell.
Session approved the November 30, 2017 Financial Report as received, noted the previous approval for building use by the Roswell Refuge for an employee Christmas party on December 16th, and set a $1,000 limit on Church Management Committee purchases; larger purchases will still need Session approval.  Church Management will revisit the Building Use Form and provide a draft for discussion at an upcoming Session meeting.
The 2018 Church Budget of $271,180 was approved by Session, which is a slight increase over the 2017 Church Budget of $262,910.  Budget information will be provided at the January Congregational Meeting.  The Pastor's Terms of Call (with no changes) will be readied for the next Session meeting and submitted for approval to the Congregation at that meeting. The FPC Foundation Financials were presented, but were tabled until the January 2018 Session meeting to ensure the dates on the financials were correct.
Worship attendance records: November 19th - 56; November 26th - 49; December 3rd - 79; December 10th - 66 and December 17th - 76.  An advertisement was placed on Facebook and in the Roswell Daily Record for the Christmas Eve Worship Service.  The Evangelism budget for 2018 has been increased to allow for additional advertising to increase the church's visibility in the community.
Reverend Guthrie will meet with Abie Smith to discuss Nominating Committee issues and new members for the committee.
Christian Education has ordered new supplies for children to use during Sunday Worship. Discussion will be held soon about the possibility of restarting a children's program following the children's message in worship, as had been done a couple of years ago.
The Session received and accepted the December 7, 2017 Deacon's Meeting Minutes.
Reverend Guthrie has had 4 responses regarding a prayer group and 11 responses regarding a Bible study series.  He will be working in January to get both of these scheduled and going. Reverend Guthrie discussed the desire of the Deacons to begin pastoral care, essentially regular contact and check-in, for all church members and not just those who are homebound or in assisted living.
Session approved FPC member Dixie Loy to make a presentation regarding Disaster Preparation and the production of a Church Emergency Action Plan.  A date will be determined in 2018 for her to make the presentation, which will be open to all church members.
Reverend Guthrie closed the meeting with prayer.  Next meeting will be on Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 5:15pm.
Bob Kurtz
Clerk of Session

Daily Inspirational Phone Message

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Church Choir


The First Presbyterian Church Choir meets every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm in the Choir Room.  If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact Ralph Kaler, Music Director, at the Church Office, (575) 622-4910.
Wednesday Breakfast Group at Martin's!


You are warmly invited to enjoy breakfast at

Martin's Capitol Café every Wednesday at 7:30am. 

See you there!


Serving the Church this Month!

January 7th
Service Elder:  Betty Young
Liturgist:  Bob Kurtz
Inspirational Reader:  Margo Fullinwider
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Connie Wolf
Chancel Guild:  Lynn Karnes, Ann Hultman, Connie Wolf
January 14th
Service Elder:  Bill Wolf
Liturgist:  Margy Barbour
Inspirational Reader:  Roberta Pess
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Nancy Peterson
Chancel Guild:  Mary Lou Glass, Rebecca Johnson, Roberta Pess

January 21st
Service Elder: ______
Liturgist:  Betty Young
Inspirational Reader:  Anna Maria Matteucci
Deacon Hospital Visitation:  Martha Mayer
Chancel Guild:  Wendy Lunsford, Betsy Cunningham, Lucy Tucker

January 28th
Service Elder:  ______
Liturgist:  Margy Barbour
Inspirational Reader:  Wayne Glass
Deacon Hospital Visitation: Wayne Glass
Chancel Guild:  Margo Fullinwider, Martha Brown, Brenna Smith


Happy Birthday to You!
     7th - Larry Loy
     7th - Martha Mayer
     9th - Sally Anderson 
     10th - Bob Kurtz
                            15th - Mary Hubbard
                            20th - Bob Carroll
                            22nd - Gee Gligoria
                            24th - Sally Gligorea
                            25th - Tommy Sue Dunnahoo
                            25th - Fred Yates
                           JANUARY ANNIVERSARIES
                                  Happy Anniversary!
                          10th - John and Nancy Guthrie



The Church Choir enjoyed a Christmas Party at the home of Mary Lou and Wayne Glass on Saturday evening,

December 9, 2017!



  The "Play For Fun Strings" directed by Dr. Sara Montgomery provided music in the Narthex before the Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols.


Pastor John Guthrie, Lynn Karnes and Kate Daniels amidst  all the beautiful poinsettias in the Sanctuary before the Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols. 
A blast from the past!  This was the scene at the
Church on December 30, 2015, when
Winter Storm Goliath struck Roswell!

A thank-you card from Dr. Hugh and Gail Burroughs




A thank-you card from Berrendo Middle School in Roswell to the First Presbyterian Church of Roswell for a Bible donation to the Fellowship of Christian Students!