Welcome!  January 2018 is already proving to be jam packed with lots of activity and much more to come.  This month marks the beginning of my 6th year serving District 1 residents on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. 
In my effort to provide you the latest up-to-date information, I've expanded my social media network to include my website (AllyMillerDistrict1.com), Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Join me in discussions about Pima County taxpayer funded projects. 
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I encourage you to attend the Board of Supervisors' meetings held twice monthly.  My website also provides information about my voting record, video clips from the board meetings, and information on what is happening with your tax dollars in Pima County. If you haven't done so, please subscribe to my youtube channel where you can see replays of boardroom activity, speakers, and hot topic issues.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful winter weather.  To an exciting year to come!

BreakingNews Breaking News - World View Explosion!
On December 19, 2017, an explosion occurred at the World View county-owned and taxpayer funded property. It is a miracle no one was seriously injured or killed by the violent explosion.
I have placed an item on the Board of Supervisors' agenda for the February 6, 2018 Supervisors Meeting seeking answers to this explosion and contract compliance. The meeting begins at 9:00am.  Public is encouraged to attend.

Details and questions I placed on the agenda item can be accessed on my website: allymillerdistrict1.com.
SignPetitionSign the Petition to "FIX OUR ROADS"
Pima County Gas tax (HURF) and Vehicle License Tax (VLT) revenues are not getting to Pima County roads.  We are now in a desperate situation due to the impact on our home values and any hopes of attracting businesses and families to the county.  This petition has been started to send a message to all members of the Arizona State legislature and Governor Ducey that Pima County taxpayers are demanding reform of the statutes to ensure these funds are used for road repairs and NOT departmental salaries and overhead.
  • In fiscal year 2017, unincorporated Pima County received $85 million in HURF and VLT revenues.  
  • Nearly $42 million is used to fund salaries and overhead for the approximately 300 employees in the Pima County Department of Transportation. 
  • Another $27 million goes directly to the County's General Fund and is NOT used for roads.
Click here to sign the Petition today, post your comment, and share the petition with friends and family.  Let's work to "FIX OUR ROADS" by getting our elected officials to reform the statutes to dedicate these funds for road repair.
Legislative Update
Representative Mark Finchem (LD 11) is running House Bill HB2433 to ensure HURF (gas tax) monies are utilized specifically for road repairs.  In addition, State Senator Steve Farley is running Senate Bill SB1025 which calls for Arizona HURF funds to only be spent for the construction or maintenance of transportation infrastructure.

RoadsUpdate Road and Sales Tax Updates

The Board of Supervisors recently approved the Local Road Repair Program recommended by the Department of Transportation with modifications to District 4 road list.  Go to this link to access the Local Road Repair Program and other important documents.

The next Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 2018 starting at 12:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held at Abrams Public Health Center, 3950 S. Country Club Road, Tucson, AZ  85714.

The Board of Supervisors has also created a Sales Tax Advisory Committee to research the possibility of enacting a Countywide sales tax, which could be used to fund road repairs instead of the 25-cent property tax.  A number of Transportation Advisory Committee members sit on the Sales Tax Committee.

As many of you are aware, I do not advocate increasing taxes to pay for road repairs. We need to stop unnecessary spending and focus on our roads. We have the funding! Remember to sign the petition to "Fix Our Roads".

VotingHighlightsHighlights of 2017 Voting Record
Visit my website for the full list of 2013-2017 voting record (AllyMillerDistrict1.com). I strive to support District 1 residents and carefully consider the impact of each vote. 
PACCFind Your New Best Friend at PACC 

Come see the new Pima Animal Care Center!
Community members can stop by any time during normal business hours. While at the Center, you can adopt your new best friend for $50 or less!

-- Adoption fees are always $0 to $50 at our Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), 4000 N. Silverbell Rd., and our three conveniently located PetSmart Adoption Centers.

-- Puppies and kittens who are less than 6 months old have a $50 adoption fee; adult dogs and cats have a $30 adoption fee. Every adoption includes your pet's spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip and vet visit! A standard $18 dog license fee may apply.

Members of our Long Timers Club, who have been waiting more than 2 weeks for a family, as well as members of our Silver Whiskers Club, who are 6 years old and up, have a $0 adoption fee.

As always, your continued support and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Sincere Regards,
Ally Miller
Pima County Supervisor - District 1

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