PAWgress Newsletter January 2018
Happy New Year
January PAWgress
2018 Top Dog Dinner & Dance

The 2018 Top Dog Dinner & Dance will be a fantastic fun filled night to help the homeless pets!  Dinner, dancing, silent auction, 50/50 raffles, Hold That Pose Photo Booth, and much more!

Tickets are on sale now!  Tickets can be purchased online (click photo above), or in person at the shelter location (71 Industrial Park Driver, Waldorf, MD).

Welcome 2018
HSCC Board President Message

Wishing You and Your Family a Wonderful & Happy 2018

HSCC is ready for 2018 and looks forward to a successful year working with all of our supporters, volunteers and everyone who loves animals! Read the President's 2018 message outlining our plans for success.


December 2017 Adoptions

123 homeless pets now have homes thanks to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

We thank you for choosing adoption when you thought about adding a pet to your family!  We appreciate that you gave us a chance!  

SEE the pets we currently have available for adoption:

CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to help the homeless pets still waiting for homes!
A Real Life Hero Mary Cerniglia-Mosher

Read all about Mary and how she has impacted the "community cats" or "feral cat" population by overseeing the TNR program offered by the Humane Society of Charles County.

Mary Cerniglia-Mosher -- Read More
The Kind & Nice Things People Do
Kindness helps in so many ways!

When someone does something kind, it gives you faith in humanity.  It warms your heart and it makes you want to go and do kind things for others!  This is so true with the kindness that was shown to the shelter in December from the SMART Local 100, when they mailed the shelter an extremely generous donation, as well as pledged to assist with upcoming projects to help make the shelter a better place for the animals!  Their kindness touched our hearts and made us feel proud to live in this community!  Thank you SMART Local 100!  
Events January

We're always adding more events, so click the calendar to keep up to date or follow our Facebook event page  CLICK HERE


Did you know that if you live in the State of Maryland, the Humane Society of Charles County can spay and/or neuter your personal bully breed for FREE!  Due to a generous grant from the Snyder Foundation for Animals, we can take care of spaying and neutering your personally owned bully breed dog!  

Fill out the online form -- 


All Charles County Public School aged students are encouraged to participate in the 2018 Humane Society of Charles County Poster Contest!  This years theme is "We're In This World Together."  
Poster Contest Rules & Registration Form -- Click Here

Meet an Apricot !

This gorgeous kitty is a cream/orange colored female who is spayed, up to date on all her age appropriate shots and is almost 6 months old.  Apricot, her furry mother, 2 sisters (Harlequin and Splash) brother (Bleu) were rescued from another shelter by the Humane Society of Charles County when Apricot was only 2 weeks old.  An employee took the litter home to keep them healthy and safe an allow them time to grow and thrive in a home environment, and grow and thrive they did!  Look at how beautiful this girl is!  Once they were old enough, they were able to run around the foster home and learn how to be social and play with other pets.  Apricot is not only gorgeous but social and comfortable in a home and around other pets and a big dog!  Apricot has been described as sweet and quiet and can sometimes be a little shy.  She's ready for the next chapter of her life as a spoiled house cat.

Meet Hazel

Hazel is a 5 year old female gorgeous grey/black tiger who is roughly 4 years old.  Hazel can be a bit shy in Kitty City, but is affectionate, likes cuddles, and with most cats, can be independent, and a couch potato.  Hazel has grown up around men, woman and children and enjoys her senior citizens.  She's use to dogs, but prefers her senior humans more!  She says that "dogs drool"!  She is doing well in the free roaming kitty city, but longs for the days she's in a home.  She loves things that crinkle and crackle, and will pounce on a variety of items in her way!  She is litter box trained and is use to a covered little box, as she says she is a "lady" and prefers her privacy when doing her "business"!  Hazel is well out of that crazy kitten stage, and is so looking forward to someone seeing what a beauty she is!  
Nyla -- No Happily Ever After YET!

Nyla was known to our shelter back in late 2010.  It was suspected that she had been hit by a car.  She had a fractured pelvis.  Nothing can really be done for a fractured pelvis, other than crate rest, which is what was done for Nyla. After several weeks of rest in the clinic area, Nyla was moved to the dog run area, but still had to be on cage rest. Even with all the noise and commotion of the other dogs, her true personality came through. Nyla was quiet, gentle and sweet, despite having been injured. After several months, she was officially cleared medically to be placed up for adoption. Other than a slight limp, you would never have known that she had been injured. Nyla was so enjoyable and gentle, that she even paid a visit to a local nursing home. She was dressed in a pink camouflage hoodie and off she went to visit with new friends.  Nyla back in 2010 while in our shelter was nicknamed "Piggy" due to her pink and spotted ears that stood erect.  As 2010 came to a close, our little "Piggy" was adopted and we were very excited that after being injured, she finally found her happily ever after.  But that was short lived.  Several months later, "Piggy" went missing. Back then, the internet (Facebook) wasn't as popular, so we relied on word-of-mouth when trying to find her. Months turned into years and no sighting of Piggy. Dogs would come and go, but no Piggy. Here we are, January 2018, 7 long years later, a Facebook Plea from Rescue Me PG, one white older pit/mix blend, a distinctive grey mark, black nose and those pink spotted erect ears, and there she was in a neighboring shelter, "Piggy." She had aged, but her resilience was still there. Piggy (now known as Nyla) was found injured on the side of the road with another dog who was standing watch over her.  Simba and Nyla were together when they were scooped up and taken to PG County Animal Shelter.
We don't know what happened to Nyla, but she is in need of surgery to help her be free from pain.  The surgery she has undergone is called FHO.  Our friends at  PAWS-Potomac Animal Wellness Services  completed the surgery.  The cost of the surgery was over $800 and Nyla needs our help once again.  We need help with offsetting the cost of the surgery.  If you can donate, please click  Paypal (Honey's Fund) .  
We can't forget about Simba ! This handsome guy is believed to be an 8 year old German Shepherd Mix who was Nyla's guardian when they were found. He is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations, has tested positive for Lyme, but will be provided medications.  
We so appreciate any and every penny you can donate to help Nyla with her surgery, and to share her and Simba's story in hopes of finding both Nyla and Simba new homes.
Thank you  Rescue Me PG  for helping these 2, and thank you  PAWS-Potomac Animal Wellness Services  for offering to do the FHO surgery to help Nyla!   If you can donate to help us offset the cost of Nyla's surgery, please click the link above.  If you would like to adopt and/or foster Nyla to help her recuperate from her FHO Surgery, please give us a call at 301-645-8181 or email

You can help the shelter by donating goods, services, monetary donations, which we need every day!  You can donate to a specific fund such as Honey's Fund, or volunteer your time, we'd love to meet you.
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Honey's Fund is a Medical Fund that will provide vet care above and beyond the normal vaccinations and physicals.  Please consider donating to Honey's Fund.

We have a "wish list" -- and first on the list is that every homeless pet is adopted, in the meantime, browse our list to donate much needed items.

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