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Let It Begin With Me
Rev. Chad R. Abbott
Conference Minister

I get chills every time I sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” It is not only a moving song musically, but inherent to its message is a reminder of the power each of us has to influence and change the world. I spent time in Germany on behalf of the Conference and the United Church of Christ with our partners in the Evangelical Church of Westphalia this past November. What an experience that was for me. I was reminded of the power we each have to change the world. But, it was more than that. Their ecumenical and global approach to their faith reminded me that our voices, our ministries, and our passion for God’s world matters each and every day. While I was there, I had the privilege of participating in a global consultation on the issue of Church and Migration. If ever there was a time to discuss these matters it is now. There were people from Hungary, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Germany, and me from the United States. We spoke about the global migration issues in each of our countries and the impact these matters have all around the world. I was struck by how different and, yet, how similar our circumstances are in our countries. But it was made clear before I spoke just how intentionally important it was to our German partners that our voice in the U.S. context be heard as they form and shape their perspective as people of faith. more>>>> .
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MID Spotlight
Meet Melissa Smoker, Member in Discernment - Northwest Association
When God called me to be in ministry, I thought He had the wrong person. I was a junior working on my bachelor’s degree in elementary education and I had never even thought about ministry as a path for me.
 I have been a lifetime member of Salem United Church of Christ in Wanatah, Indiana. Salem Church and my faith have always been extremely important to me. Yet, I never knew what God had in store. With encouragement from Rev. Dr. Carol Nordstrom, I began to look into seminary when I quit running from God’s call in September 2016.
Today, my life looks a little bit different than when I first began my journey. I am now a sixth-grade science teacher, drama club director, and junior high girls track coach at Morgan Township in Valparaiso, Indiana. I attend Wesley Seminary where I am expected to graduate in June 2020.
Along with my life, my ministry has also changed immensely over the years. With Pastor Victoria Ubben as a guide, I have been able to reach out into the community in ways that I never thought possible. I am actively working in prison ministry around the Westville and Valparaiso, Indiana area. I also provide pulpit supply for Saint John’s United Church of Christ in Woodland, Indiana on a regular basis.
Additionally, the last weekend of January, I have the opportunity to be the Sunday morning speaker for the Indiana Young Farmers Association state conference. God has opened so many doors for me and I could not be more excited about His plan for my future ministry.
CHHSM, in partnership with the United Church of Christ, is pleased to provide worship resources to use for your congregation’s celebration of Health and Human Service Sunday.

January 27, 2019
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Join us as we travel the world with three Growing Hope Globally program staff. They will highlight 12 inspiring people participating in programs around the globe.

January 22, 2019
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CTS is celebrating Seminary Sunday on Feb. 24th!

On February 24, 2019, your church is invited to participate in Seminary Sunday. Congregations use Seminary Sunday to explore the importance of theological education for their communities. It’s an opportunity to meet seminarians, invite them to your church, and even have them preach to your congregation.
Not unique to Chicago Theological Seminary, Seminary Sunday is widely celebrated throughout the United Church of Christ. To learn more click here.
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