January 2019
Welcome to the inaugural edition of “ The Spark ”! Every month we will feature a story from a learner, volunteer tutor, donor, or partner organization that helps Literacy DuPage spark the art of conversation through language learning!

We hope that each of these stories will remind you that however you support Literacy DuPage, we are grateful for every achievement you help create, every story you tell, every minute you share, and every dollar you give. Our work together achieves big, life-changing results; And it happens one small step at a time.

This month, we invite you to read about Bianca, a proud Literacy DuPage learner. 
Bianca emigrated to the United States from Brazil three years ago to build a better life for herself and her family. Like most immigrants, Bianca struggled to understand English when she arrived. Bianca has a degree in Engineering and her native language is Portuguese. Unable to speak or write in English, Bianca could not work, and she struggled with conversations that were important to her family—such as helping her two children with their school work and scheduling doctor appointments.

Determined to change her circumstances, Bianca sought help. At first Bianca enrolled in paid English courses, but when she could no longer afford the instruction, she began searching online for a more affordable program. This is how she found Literacy DuPage.

Literacy DuPage matched Bianca with Cheri, and the two met to discuss Bianca’s goals and how to achieve them. Cheri and Bianca began their lessons with vocabulary that would help Bianca engage with her neighbors and her community. Then, they moved onto phrases that would help her in the workplace and at her children’s school. Cheri and Bianca have been working together for almost a year and Bianca’s English has improved significantly.

Before Literacy DuPage, Bianca relied on her husband to communicate because he’s fluent in English. Now Bianca is much more confident and independent, able to get around and communicate without relying on someone else’s support.
Bianca’s new English-literacy skills will increase her prospects of finding a job, becoming an advocate for her family, and engaging within her community.

Our congratulations and appreciation go out to Bianca and Cheri for sharing their resolve and achievements together! If you would like to share your story, please contact Kathleen by email or phone.

Thank you for lighting a spark through literacy! 
Kathleen Rusch
Volunteer Outreach and Marketing Coordinator
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