January 2019
لقراءة النشرة باللغة العربية، إضغط هنا
Al Qasimi Foundation 2018 Highlights
Check out the video above to see highlights from our 2018 research, capacity development, and arts and culture initiatives.

2018 was another successful year for the Al Qasimi Foundation. We hosted the 8 th Biannual GCES Symposium, partnered with the Ministry of Education on the UAE-Vietnam Teacher Exchange, coordinated the Ras Al Khaimah Future Careers Forum, and with the help of our community were able to make the 6 th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival our best yet.
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Presentations at the Gulf Comparative Education Society's (GCES) 8 th Biannual Symposium “Public, Private, and Philanthropy: Exploring the Impact of New Actors on Education in the GCC” discussed the growing involvement of emerging actors and highlighted the impact of philanthropy on education in the Gulf. Read More
Adequate and affordable housing is a basic human need, and in the UAE, housing is treated as a right of every Emirati national. This study examines the efficacy of the two national housing programs in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah that provide subsidies for affordable homeownership—the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program (SZHP) and the President’s Initiative (PI). Read More
Research over the past twenty years has found that fathers play an important role in their children’s development. However, the literature on fatherhood is still limited, particularly in the Arab world. This paper uses data from a mixed-method pilot study of sixty-one Arabs residing in the UAE to examine the nature and impact of father involvement in the Arab region . Read More
Featured Projects & Programs
Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qasimi was passionate about education and encouraging young people to work hard and achieve their full potential. The Overseas Scholarship Program was established to honor his legacy. The scholarship provides funding for talented Emirati youth and promising young Emirati professionals to pursue studies overseasRead More or Apply Now
The Al Qasimi Foundation is excited to announce a new format for the 2019 Visual Arts Exhibition for the 7 th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival. Modeled after the  La Gacilly Photo Festival   in France, the 2019 Festival will feature an outdoor, large-scale exhibition in the old Al Jazeera Al Hamra village of Ras Al Khaimah. Read More
Issues of recruitment, retention, and integration of healthcare professionals in the UAE, such as doctors and nurses, require attention, as the majority of these healthcare professionals are internationally trained graduates. This begs the question, what factors facilitate or hinder implementation of more modernized health workforce governance? Read More
Much innovative thinking is underway on increasing the influence and utility of Standard Arabic. One potential area for exploration concerns the script. Unlike the Latin alphabet, the Arabic script has evolved mainly to meet the pronunciation needs of Standard Arabic. To increase the influence and use of Arabic, a greater range of sounds is needed. Read More
The Al Qasimi Foundation is proud to cohost the Global Trends in Parental Involvement Symposium (GTPI) with the UAE Education and Human Resources Council. The Symposium, which will be held in Dubai in September 2019, calls for papers that focus on the relationship between caregivers and their children, particularly those that focus on parental engagement and its impact on educational and career outcomes. The extended abstract deadline is February 4, 2019. Read More
Applications for the Al Qasimi Foundation's Faculty, Doctoral, and Seed Grants are now being accepted until March 1, 2019. For more information about these competitive funding opportunities, including eligibility and the application process,  click here .  
Want to do more than fetch coffee this summer? Al Qasimi Foundation interns gain professional experience while working on projects with a diverse, multilingual, international staff. Apply by March 1st to potentially be matched with a project that fits your academic interests. Read More
In the News
“IB curriculum and British curriculum are truly international and are transferable, thus they are popular,” said Natasha Ridge, executive director of the Al Qasimi Foundation. "For most of the UAE population, who are from other countries, they want to know they can use their degree to get into any university anywhere." Read More
The 2018 World University Rankings rate Saudi and Emirati universities as among the best in the region. The rankings “signal that governments in the region are serious about being seen as knowledge economies and not just oil economies,” said Natasha Ridge, executive director of the Al Qasimi Foundation. Read More
The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) coordinated a student exchange with La Rochelle Business School of France and the University of California, Irvine of the US. The Emirati students who travelled to the US were funded by scholarships from the Al Qasimi Foundation. Read More
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2019 Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival
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Our Mission
The Al Qasimi Foundation seeks to aid in the social, cultural, and economic development of Ras Al Khaimah and the United Arab Emirates through high-quality policy research, strategic capacity development, and purposeful community engagement.
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