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For beef and dairy breeders alike, we're excited to present you with the brand-new, hot-off-the-press, 2019 Select Sires Beef Directory!  Follow the link below to find all your favorites, as well as some new "kids" on the block!  Just in time for spring breeding projects or quartile sorts, the new Select Sires Beef Directory has it all.  Check it out for yourself!
Every Calf Every Time?
Paste Plus can and should be used on cows and calves after calving, at weaning time, before and after transporting, after deworming or antibiotic therapy. Basically, it can be used to offset the stress of any digestive disturbance and is commonly used at feedlots to treat incoming animals to get them quickly on feed with minimal stress. And of course Paste Plus is proven effective on newborn calves. By treating newborn calves, we get the beneficial bacteria established before the negative bacteria can get started. Order Today

Estrotect Heat Detector Patches
Did you know All West Beef is a distributor of Estrotect Heat Detectors? Allow Adrienne Lulay to demonstrate how to use these helpful heat detector patches on your next breeding project!   >>> Watch the Video! 

For Optimal Calf Health and Performance
CONVERT™ ImmPower® TBC is a source of True Bovine Colostrum™ that provides neonates with essential colostral proteins and nutritional support when administered during the first 24 hours of life. Click Here for More

Maximize Beef A.I. Pregnancy Rates
By Carl Dahlen Beef Cattle Specialist, NDSU Extension Service
Artificial insemination (A.I.) offers the opportunity to use semen from high accuracy, genetically superior sires at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a herd bull of similar genetics. In addition, using estrus synchronization and A.I. can increase the number of calves born earlier in the...continue reading

Artificial Insemination Pays Beef Producers
Technology in the beef business will lead the way as more consumers demand high-quality products. Today, practices such as artificial insemination (AI) are easier for cattlemen to take advantage of than ever before. Cliff Lamb, University of Florida animal scientist, says his research herd was able to increase revenue by nearly $50,000 using this one...continue reading

Expected Progeny Differences Change Every Friday
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