January 2019 Board Update

The Naramata Centre Board of Directors held its first 2019 meeting in Vancouver January 25-27. It has been our practice for the last three years to meet either in Calgary or the lower mainland as that is where most of our members live. We generally meet in a church, which allows us to connect with a congregation. We thank Rev. Lori Megley-Best and Cloverdale United Church for hosting us this past weekend.  


We are grateful for the delicious soup provided at lunch on Saturday and Sunday and the opportunity to speak to the congregation about Naramata Centre. While a slideshow with beautiful Centre images ran in the background, Vice-Chair Jenne Newman provided a heart-felt description of the Centre and why it is near and dear to all of our Board members.


Seeking new members

The board is seeking new members to replace those whose terms have ended. The three-year term for new board members will begin at our June 29, 2019 AGM. We are seeking at least one person under 30 years of age and one-two more people. If you or someone you know has skills in the following areas, please contact Board Chair Doug Woollard.


We are seeking people with skills/experience in:

  • Public engagement in communications, fund development or social media
  • Real estate or land development
  • Policy Governance
  • Theological training


Jim Simpson is currently taking a leave from the Naramata Centre Board and assuming the role of Interim Managing Director on a volunteer basis, as Dennis Hixson is leaving the Centre as Managing Director. We thank Dennis for his work over the past year and we wish him well in his future endeavours. We will start the recruitment process for a Managing Director right away.


Dock replacement

We are pleased to report that the dock, which we lost in the spring of 2017 due to lake flooding, will be replaced this spring.  Because the damage was so significant, it will be an entirely new dock with a slightly different configuration to meet the new standards for docks in the Okanagan. Most of the replacement cost is covered by insurance; however, we did have to pay the deductible for the insurance.  If you have fond memories of time spent on the old dock and want to contribute to future generations having similar experiences, you can make a donation to help us pay the deductible here.


Meaningful experiences

The board spent time this past weekend discussing our Mission, Vision, Values and Theological Statement and how we translate that into real-life experience at the Centre. Our many participants have varying beliefs and we want everyone's experience to be meaningful when they come to the Centre. Our goal is to create the opportunity for personal growth, spiritual nurture and transformation for all who attend the Centre.


In 2019, the summer team consisting of our Program Manager, Spiritual Nurture Leads, Music Resources, Campground Hosts, Program Leaders and Summer Young Adult Leaders will help to create these opportunities.



If you have not become a member of the Naramata Centre Society for the 2018-19 membership year, we invite you to do so today. With a low-cost fee of $20 your membership demonstrates that you care about Naramata Centre and its future. It also ensures:

  • You will stay informed about what is going on at the Centre
  • You can vote at the Annual General Meeting

Please take the time to buy your membership here today!

Land Development
The Board continues our work to sell some of the Centre's non-core land. A site plan will be developed to ensure the best use of the remaining site.

Thank you for your continued support of Naramata Centre!


Doug Woollard

Board Chair









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