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January 2019 CEA e-Newsletter
Winter Break
CEA will be closed from Friday, December 21, 2018 through Monday, January 7, 2019. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.
CEA Entrance Exam and New Student Showcase
Saturday, January 26th
CEA is more than a school

It is a place where students learn more about more. They are empowered to look for the best in others and themselves and are shaped into young men and women who actively explore interests, hone talents, and advocate ideas. CEA is proud to see its students become well-rounded individuals who, upon graduation, shine in the best high schools across South Florida and not only follow their dreams, but live them. Conchita's beliefs in the power of the spirit, the wealth of the mind, the sacredness of childhood, and the strength of following one's dreams, continue to live on as part of her legacy.

All new applications should be filled out before this date.  On this Saturday, we will administer our entrance exam to students entering Pre-Primary - 8th Grades. 
K3 and K4 students will spend time in a classroom for observation. 
Please advise your friends and family of this date! 

*If there is a conflict, please coordinate with  Audrey Gonzalez  to schedule a private tour of the school and alternate entrance exam date. If you know of someone who would like a private tour, please call Audrey so one can be scheduled. Remember, space in K-3 is limited, so it is important to apply early.

January Parent Nights
We will have parent nights in January to give our parents and teachers the opportunity to touch base now that we are halfway through the school year. The parent nights will be:

Kinder and PrePrimary
Tuesday, January 22
7:00 p.m.

1st and 2nd Grades
Wednesday, January 23
7:00 p.m.

3rd and 4th Grades
Tuesday, January 29
7:00 p.m.

5th and 6th Grades
Wednesday, January 30
7:00 p.m.

7th and 8th Grades
Thursday, January 31
7:00 p.m.

*Please make arrangements to leave your children at home.
CEA Family Field Day!

Sunday, January 13, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Legacy Field
Sunday, January 13th will be the first CEA Family Field Day in our brand-new Legacy Field! This will be a fun and relaxing day filled with outdoor activities for you to share with your family, including fitness classes, relay races, tug of war, yoga, barbecue and more!

PreSale (before Jan. 10th) -
$40 per family of 4

$50 at the door

Registration includes all activities throughout the day, lunch (hamburger, hot dog or black bean burger), refreshing drinks, and a great time with Conchita families and alumni!
Scholastic Book Fair
January 14-18, 2019
On January 14th, CEA will kick off the annual Scholastic Book Fair in the Alicia Espinosa Library in the Conservatory.

Students will be coming to visit the book fair during school hours with their class. They should bring cash or a check made out to Conchita Espinosa Academy. The book fair will also be open to parents during the hours of 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. every day. During that time, credit cards will be accepted. Make sure to check out your teacher's classroom wish list to donate a book to your classroom's library. A sticker with the student's name will be placed inside the book for your teacher to remember for years to come.

Last year's book fair was a great success! Let's keep the tradition alive!
CEA Recognized as a Donation Superstar by Read to Learn Books for Free Program
The Read to Learn Books for Free Program and the Miami Book Fair has officially recognized CEA as a DONATION SUPERSTAR for its fantastic results in last year's Scholastic Book Fair.

"Our program could not exist without the generous donations and contributions from individuals like you. This year, we expanded from 40 bookshelves to 58 bookshelves, significantly increasing our weekly book deliveries from 3,500 books to 4,500 books. Your book donations went straight into the hands of the children who need it most. Your generosity offered an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of children throughout Miami-Dade to start their personal libraries and read books with their families, developing vital literacy abilities and preparing them for a better future. As a Bronze donor (donating more than 1,000 books), your school is being recognized on our webpage as a 2018 donation superstar. "

Thank you to the AWESOME CEA COMMUNITY for always coming together to help the community! We are #TeamConchita!
Hour of Code
STEAM Mastery and Mrs. Rajo hosted the annual Hour of Code event at CEA this December. Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Ed Week and  Code.org  reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries though a one hour intro to computer science and computer programming. It is designed to demystify “code”, to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. All students in Pre-primary through 8th grade participated throughout the week and each completed an hour of age-appropriate coding, guided by the expert STEAM students! Thank you Mrs. Rajo for bringing these excellent initiatives to CEA! You are helping create tomorrow's leaders! To learn more about Hour of Code or to try it out for free, visit  Code.org .

Conchita Magazine Goes Digital!
Just before Winter Break, after 13 years, Conchita Magazine made the leap to go digital and produce their final print issue. From now on, the magazine will be a digital issue, which will be emailed to you, posted on our website, available as an e-book for our upper school students on their ipads, and included in this newsletter. Conchita Magazine will also be contributing content and stories to our school's social media pages. We are excited about this new leap and the many opportunities it will bring!

If you are interested in advertising for the magazine, or would like to receive and/or distribute copies of their last print issue, please contact Mrs. Jackson at yjackson@conchitaespinosa.com
Student Council Toy Drive

Student Council collected 318 toys for the University of Miami's Child Protection Team this year!

Our sincerest gratitude to everyone who donated to this cause. You have made a significant difference in the lives and holidays of many children!

Thank you to our Student Council for their great work of service and to Mrs. Atienza for always leading them in the right direction!

"Together we can do so much..."
Conservatory Re-Gifting Drive

A group of Cuban dance and Spanish dance performers shared the holiday spirit with the elderly community this December at Harmony Health Center Miami.
They did a beautiful job sharing their talent and opening their hearts to those in need. They handed out tons of gifts from the Conservatory Re-Gifting Drive and then spent the afternoon chatting and playing games with the members of the Harmony community. Thank you to Maria Ofelia Armas for inspiring our students to share their gifts and open their hearts. The true meaning of Christmas is to give to those in need, and the best gift we can give is our time, our ears to listen, and our hearts to love. Thank you to all who attended and to our amazing Conservatory moms for their help and support!

2nd Grade Nativity

This year marked the 28th annual 2nd grade Nativity play, and every year it is more and more beautiful. Our 2nd graders look forward to sharing the true Christmas story with their families and the CEA community, and the support and love the entire school shows them each time is remarkable. The enthusiasm and love with which the 8th graders applauded their 2nd grade peers, remembering their special time, brought tears to everybody’s eyes! 
Thank you to Mrs. Llerena, Mrs. Prieto and Mrs. Hernandez, our incredible 2nd grade team for the magnificent job they do each year with their students. Thank you to all the teachers who collaborated: Ms. Yirka, Ms. Daniella, Ms. Maite, and Mrs. Rajo, and to our wonderful parents for their support and enthusiasm! You are all Conchita’s legacy!

K3 Nativity

K3 celebrated their annual Nativity presentation. They learned about the original Christmas story and the true meaning of Christmas as they acted out and represented the story. Thank you to Mrs. Castro, Mrs. Iliana Raymat, Mrs. Merce Montoya, and Mrs. Magaly Rodriguez for the incredible work they do with their students!

8th Grade Christmas Play
The annual 8th grade Christmas play was the perfect way to end the last week of school. Everyone did a beautiful job as the toys that came alive on Christmas!

Thank you Ms. Jolliff for bringing the holiday spirit to life through your enthusiasm and the love with which you put this play together each year. Each year is the best year yet!

To purchase a picture CD of the play, bring THIS FORM with your payment to the CEA Main Office by Friday, January 11th.
As you make your summer plans....
Make note that the CEA and Conservatory summer information will be sent home in January!

This year we will continue our SUPER AWESOME Adventures in the Arts and Cougar Strong Summer Camps.

Conservatory is planning MANY SURPRISES this summer. Stay tuned for details about our summer programs, audition dates, and registration information this month! Want a sneak peek? Visit our SUMMER WEBSITE!
Parent Corner
Six things parents can do to raise kids to be confident decision-makers

#1 Empathize, but don't solve the issue

“Acknowledge that you go through this, too,” Hurley says, as a child and as an adult, and then let your child know that you see her struggle. But try to listen without jumping in. The key, which I clearly missed, is shutting up. “Parents are directing kids all the time and robbing them of age-appropriate decision-making practice,” says ­Emily Green, a child and family therapist in Atlanta. “We talk them out of it. We talk them into it. Then they never have to practice their own decision-making or problem-solving skills.” On the flip side, Green says, “If we can press the mute button and pause, that’s where the growth comes in.” Read More
Faces of Conchita

Paola Guitian
c/o 2010
"My name is Paola Guitian and I am currently a Software Development Engineer for Xevo Inc. Since graduating CEA in 2010, I have graduated from FIU with a B.S. in Computer Science, completed a Coding Bootcamp Certification and started my career as a Software Developer. I have gotten to where I am today because of the fundamental skills I learned at my time at Conchita. CEA taught me to have confidence in myself no matter what. The confidence to fail and try again, to give it my all until I got it done. Without my confidence I would not have achieved what I have done up to now nor what I will do in the future..." Read More