The CSPOA Wall Solution: 
Obama, El Chapo, and Foreign Aid!
By Sheriff Richard Mack
Richard Mack
The CSPOA is very concerned , like most Americans, about the Government shut down. However, our concern is that the wrong federal employees have been "shut down." Our emphatic position is that all Senatorial and Congressional offices should be the first to be shut down in all such government closures; then the U S Capitol, the White House, and so on. The last to be closed would be TSA and Air Traffic Controllers.

However, in view of the fact that this entire shut down is due to the inability and immaturity of our public "servants" in the DC swamp to adequately address the issue of illegal immigration and border security, we at the CSPOA desire to address a solution for that crisis and thus, get the federal government back to work.

Note: The CSPOA does not want several federal departments to ever return to work and pray that they will be shut down in perpetuity, some of these are: the IRS, Federal Reserve, Dept. of Ed., Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Transportation, BLM, EPA, FDA.  There should also be drastic cuts to the DEA, FBI, CIA, and Bureau of Prisons. All such cuts would be a good first step.

Be that as it may, our focus for this newsletter will be the Wall/Border Security and the CSPOA solution.

First, the Democrats act as if they do not want to spend taxpayer dollars on an issue that is not a problem or even close to being a crisis. Pelosi, Schumer, and the mainstream media have all declared that there is "no crisis at the border." Speaker Pelosi even said that all the murders committed by illegals are insufficient to qualify as a "crisis." Either way though, crisis or not a crisis, she will only authorize spending "one dollar" for additional border security or the construction of a wall.
Nancy Pelosi's Border Wall $1 Prototype

So, CSPOA solution part A is to get funding mastermind Barack Obama involved in the  the process. Reports about Obama's money magic are unclear.  Some say he came up with anywhere from $1.3 billion to 33.5 billion to give to Iran in an effort to make a treaty with them to stop their nuclear weapon proliferation. The deal with Iran and subsequent payments to Iran were kept so secret that actual dollar amounts have never been disclosed. Whatever it was, the pallet full of cash Obama bribed Iran with should be returned forthwith and Obama should be held accountable for making it happen. If he can send a pallet full of cash to Iran he surely should be able to come up with one for the wall! Trump should ask Obama about his creative financing strategies and then get help from Pelosi to do the same thing!

Secondly, we have a huge drug lord cartel head, El Chapo, in court even as we speak for a  myriad of felonious acts that will qualify his billions to be forfeited  to  the United States. Let's confiscate those billions and turn them in to Wall Construction. This not only puts El Chapo's assets to good use, but it also makes Trump's assertions to have Mexico "pay for the wall" come true. It's a win-win situation! So, CSPOA  solution Part B is: make El Chapo pay for a good portion of the Wall!

Finally, the CSPOA has said this before and we will say it again. The federal government's ridiculous habits of sending taxpayer dollars to several Latin American countries, yes, with Pelosi's approval, are unconstitutional, fruitless, and borderline criminal bribes. The United States Congress and the President should immediately stop all foreign aid payments and put that money into the erection of a border wall. Thus, CSPOA solution Part C is: Turn borderline criminality into border security!  Take all foreign aid monies and immediately transfer them to the wall project.

Yes, the fabricated controversy regarding the border and illegal immigration is a glaring example of political hypocrisy and the utter incompetence by our leaders to do what's right and proper. The solution is attainable and all sides win; Pelosi can keep her commitment to only give "one dollar" and Trump can still get the wall and much needed border security and definitely have Mexico help pay for it. Oh yes, and Obama can help, too.  Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but you know it would work better than what we're currently doing:
CSPOA VP Rick Dalton on the Mexican border showing one type of "barrier" about 7 miles outside of Douglas, Arizona.

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