We have a brake line component that needs to be bent after plating. Do you have (or can you develop) a zinc nickel process and test method to guarantee the part will perform after bending?

A. Yes. Our COLLOY NI-Z POSIT II, in conjunction with the Columbia Chemical test method for ductility, was actually developed for OEM'S and is currently in review for incorporation in to ASTM B08. The process is shown below with our Black Diamond 500 passivate.
Industry Leading Trivalent Passivates
      COLDIP MIDNIGHT 1500 zinc passivate, known for its consistent, deep black color and easy-to-control, cost-effective three-part system is the latest addition to Columbia Chemical's existing line of industry leading trivalent chromium-based passivates. 
     This line of passivates is hexavalent chromium free, complies with current ELV, RoHS and REACH regulations and consistently meets and exceed OEM standard for corrosion protection. These products offer a trivalent passivation layer that is clear, blue, yellow, black or iridescent. 
     High  demand passivates include SpectraMATE 25, COLDIP NI-Z Sapphire 400, COLDIP NI-Z Black Diamond 500 and COLDIP Midnight 1500.

Need a better black? COLDIP Midnight 1500 is your answer!
Having trouble with consistency in meeting OEM salt spray requirements?
Fixing Yellowing in Blue Trivalent Passivate

   Chad Murphy, Technical Account Manager, was the featured plating expert in the January Issue of Products Finishing magazine!  Read his Q & A clinic here  w here he tackles the subject of how to fix the cause of yellowing in blue trivalent passivates. Exploring the most common cause (high iron in the tank), the article goes on to examine passivate thickness in relationship to color and identifies the four operational components that impact passivate thickness.

Experiencing yellowing of your blue passivate and need helping identifying the cause or finding the right iron control additives or passivate conditioners to prevent build up? 
Reach out to your Columbia Chemical Technical Specialist! Or submit your problem directly to techquestions@columbiachemical.com
  Columbia Chemical's foreign TriCOL install team  (L to R) Stephen Roberts, Martin Gall, and led by Mark Schario (far right) shown with satisfied Plating Manager at  Jang Dong.
    As the adoption of Trivalent Chromium Plating usage continues to grow in the Asian markets as a response to REACH legislation, Columbia Chemical's global partners maintain their edge on the competition with the help of members of the TriCOL   Décor install team led by renowned expert Mark Schario.
     Most recent to benefit from the expertise of the TriCOL team was a customer of Columbia Chemical's longtime partner in Thailand, Coattech. On site were Mark Schario, Stephen Roberts and Martin Gall who converted an a utomatic tri chrome plating line from a competitor over to Columbia Chemical's TriCOL Décor trivalent plating process. Based on the success of this automatic line conversion, the customer has since converted their manual line over without hesitation to Columbia's TriCOL Décor and things are running smoothly on both lines.

       Following that conversion, the team moved on to Taiwan where (read more)

by Research Chemist Christian Kissig
     Columbia Chemical is widely recognized as one of the industry leaders in the development of effective trivalent passivates for zinc and zinc alloys. A number of years ago, the company recognized the need, both for platers and for R & D purposes, to obtain an accurate value for the thickness of trivalent passivates via nondestructive means. The plater would be able to use this data to improve overall quality control of their finished goods. This method would also aid Columbia's research and development efforts in the quest for new and improved passivates. Likewise, a correlation could be made between the approximate passivate thickness and its performance in corrosive testing (i.e. salt spray testing, cyclic corrosion testing, etc.).    X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) emerged as a (read more)
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