January 2019 
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We have MOVED!! Our NEW address is 290 Bramford Way, Suite B300, Kennesaw, GA 30144 
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December/January Closings:  
CLOSED Dec 24th and 25th 
CLOSED Dec. 31st and Jan 1st 
NEW class at Fusion MMA called Close Quarter Decisions . This class is offered IN STREET CLOTHES on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:30pm-8:30pm. It is only $20 per person with NO contracts!  
If you are a client from Fusion on Whitlock then PLEASE check the schedule for changes! NEED TO KNOW on Bramford Way 
NEW Youth schedule on Wednesdays
Selling Octagon/Cage and Hanging Bag Stand
We sell RXBARS  
Introducing "The Complete Combatant" goat milk soap by Grunt Goat Tactical Soap 

OC/Pepper Spray is HERE! Want to order Saber Red MK6 canisters and inert practice sprays? This is the BEST out there! $20!

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The Complete Combatant 1.5 day course 
The Complete Combatant is a 1 day course OR 1.5 day course for the armed citizen (men & women) on how to survive a violent encounter from the first sign of danger, using verbal commands and preparing for CONTACT, lethal verses non-lethal decisions, to even dealing with the legal system in the aftermath, you need to learn all aspects of personal protection. The Complete Combatant course is a layered approach for ALL levels of experience that will walk you through all the many stages of "decisions" while developing a game plan tailored to your skills and your everyday carry. 

The Complete Combatant will train you in multiple areas of self defense:
  • Verbal challenges
  • Frames/Blocks
  • Dry practice
  • Non lethal force options
  • Lethal force
  • Entangled fighting
  • Low light section in the 1.5 day course ONLY
  • Medical care (tourniquets)
  • 911 call
  • Interaction with the police
  • Andrew Branca's The Law of Self Defense
  • SCENARIO drill: In our scenario you may have to choose one or more.....verbal commands, OC Spray, RUN and/or deadly force. After your scenario you will have time to think about your actions. We will then pair you with a partner which will be your "attorney". Your partner will ask you to articulate your actions and see if you meet the 5 Laws of Self Defense.
Pistol Essentials is offered at our private Dahlonega Range
in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. 
Pistol Essentials is The Complete Combatant's "basic pistol class". We welcome absolute beginners on up to advanced students. FUNDAMENTALS are the key to everything! Pistol Essentials is designed to introduce you to defensive shooting and help improve your skills. In this class you will learn the importance of grip, sights, follow through and trigger through dry practice and live fire. We will practice drawing from your holster during dry fire and live fire when applicable.  We will cover shooting from common positions seen in defensive shooting with a higher level of accuracy. Pistol Essentials will teach you how to practice, how to measure your skill and how to TEST yourself. 
Student of the Month

With all the changes in the last 6 weeks I thought Brian would have a hard time coming up with a January STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Boy, was I WRONG! He immediately said
TJ L! He said he is focused, hard working, and fearless. He gives "HIS ALL" to his training. TJ has inspired the word of the month....FOCUS! Keep up the great work your Mr. Lowe!  
Word of the Month
Our January 2019 WORD OF THE MONTH is FOCUS!  
Focus has a few different meanings but the CORE is the same. Focus is a point of concentration.