January 2019 Sustainability News
Inside this issue: Clean Power Alliance, Free Landscaping Classes, Fire Debris Cleanup, New Green Businesses
Clean Power Alliance - It's Not Too Late to Make a Choice!
By now residents of Thousand Oaks will have received two mailers from Clean Power Alliance (CPA) about the new electricity provider available to City residents. If you missed those notices, it’s not too late, two more will be sent to you – one this month and...

FREE - Landscaping Classes From the Experts!
Tired of paying a high water bill? If you’re like most local residents, the chances are that 50-70% of your water is used for outdoor irrigation. Maybe it’s time to re-think your yard before summer gets here. And don’t forget, the turf rebate program is ...

Fire Debris Cleanup - Hows it All Going?
For many residents, the fires of November 9 are a distant memory, but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. Thirty-eight properties within the City were ...

Local Businesses Go Green!
Green business certification is one of the best ways to lower costs, generate growth, increase employee engagement and provide a competitive edge within the eco-conscious Thousand Oaks community and...

Upcoming Events & Workshops
Click the link below to view a list of upcoming FREE eco-events, workshops, weekly hazardous waste disposal events, trash schedule  and more!

Get Informed About Emergency Preparedness!
Click the link below to find out how to prepare in case of emergency and to be notified in case of emergencies and alerts in the city and county.

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