Volume 64, Issue 1 | January 2019   
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January 2019 Community Center Calendar
  8 | HVCA Board | 7:00 PM
  8 | HVLT Board | 7:30 PM
11 | HVLT Board | 7:30 PM
14 | Kids Night Out | 5:00-9:00 PM
18 | Firewise Committee | 7:30 PM
18 | Sanitary District Board | 7:30 PM
26 | Annual Meeting | 4:30 PM Potluck Social - 5:30 PM Meeting
1st/3rd Wed. | Tam Design Review Board | 7:00 PM (Log Cabin, Tam Valley)
Saturdays     | A. A. Meeting | 10:00 AM
Wednesdays  | Dance with Miss Anna | 11:30 AM
Wednesdays  | Mill Valley Zen Meditation | 7:00 PM
Fridays         | SingDancePlay - Music Together | 9:30, 10:30 & 11:30 AM
4th Friday     | Hu Chanting Group | 7:15 PM
"Pause and Reflect"
Elizabeth Geisler
"Pause and Reflect"

Elizabeth Geisler

Born in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Geisler is a California painter with a background in printmaking, photography, music, and film.  Her work hangs in collections across the United States and shows in galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay area.  She began painting at a young age, and while still in high school, was awarded a life drawing scholarship to the Otis College of Art and Design. In college she studied both visual arts and mass communications, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.  She continued her art studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, Barnsdall Art College, and the City College of San Francisco.

Before returning to work full time as a painter, Geisler had a varied career in the entertainment industry and the corporate world.  In Los Angeles, she worked in production at "Entertainment Tonight", as a writer and editor for American Film magazine, and in the Story Development Department at the William Morris talent agency.  Geisler then moved to San Francisco for a career in investor relations and corporate communications, using her writing and visual arts skills to market companies to investors and the general public.

Best known for her paintings of water and nightscapes, Geisler has a special affinity for light, shadow and reflection. Geisler's water reflection paintings range from photorealistic to semi-abstract. Up close, the color use and brushwork read as abstraction, but from a distance, they blend into a more representational depiction.

My latest series explores what happens to light when reflected in water.
I am intrigued by the intricate patterns on the water surface and how they can convey both movement and stillness. In some cases, it seems as if these reflections create an alternate reality to what we see on land or in the sky. However, beneath the surface, there is a psychological element to why I am drawn to paint water. For me, water represents life, as we cannot survive without it, and it literally flows through all of us. It is a constant that connects us to each other. When I am painting water, it is a meditative and sometimes, cathartic process. Ultimately, I hope the viewer is able to interact with my work on different levels -- to appreciate the beauty of the abstract composition nature provides, while experiencing the almost musical rythymn of the water and its restorative properties.

An exhibit of works by Elizabeth Geisler will be on display at the Homestead Valley Community Center beginning January 9, 2019.  Please stop by and see her remarkable pieces in "Pause and Reflect".
Homestead Valley Celebrates In Style
A Classic Holiday Celebration

Homestead Valley Community Association hosted the annual Winter Holiday Celebration on December 8. Neighbors gathered together for a holiday celebration with food, drink, and live music. It was a wonderful community evening with over 60 neighbors attending and sharing a potluck feast of holiday food and desserts. The evening concluded with a sing-a- long led by the string quartet, the Tamalpais Players. Thank you to everyone who came to the event and brought treats to share. 
Special thanks to everyone that helped to bring the party together especially, Rachel Carlin, Boriana Fackler, Lindsey Tucker, Summer Shapiro, David Ross, Gwen Gallagher, Ashley MacDonald, Alex Scalisi, Darren Malvin, Kris Cann and the Tamalpais Players: Nick Carlin, Jocelyn Startz, Tianna Wimmer and Rachel Carlin.
Homestead Valley Vignettes by Chuck Oldenburg
Lumber Yards

In the early 1900s, there were four lumberyards along the railroad on Miller Ave. Now there are none although one of them, the Mill Valley Lumber Co., was in operation until 2011. It is located on the creek at Millwood St. between what are now the inbound and outbound lanes of Miller Ave. In about 1891, Robert Dollar had established the Dollar Lumber Co. at this location. He was the famous lumber baron, shipping magnate and philanthropist, who became one of Marin's wealthiest citizens. His San Rafael mansion, Falkirk, still stands as a Marin treasure. In 1898, he sold the lumberyard. By 1905, ownership had passed to The Doherty Company. In 1910, Nicholas Yost and Carl Christley bought the lumberyard and named it "The Mill Valley Lumber Co." At one time or another, The Doherty Company had owned all four of the lumberyards along Miller Ave. as well as a large lumberyard in Larkspur. In 1910, The Doherty Co. established its main office at its large Homestead Valley lumberyard where Whole Foods is today. Railroad spurs went into both the Millwood and Homestead lumberyards. Two smaller lumberyards were located along the railroad at Locust Ave. and Forest St.
Land Trust Notes
Golden Gate Parks Conservancy in Homestead Valley
By Marabeth Grahame
The National Parks Conservancy's Habitat Restoration Team and Invasive Plant Patrol's 2019 first quarter schedule is out. The Parks Conservancy has a new website. For schedules, ParksConservancy.org -> Volunteer -> Weekly Volunteer Programs -> Habitat Restoration Programs
Volunteer programs are usually 9:30 am - 2:30 pm. Check website for updates.
Meet at the white gate on Panoramic Highway at the top of the Homestead Fire Road:
Sun Jan 13th
Wed Feb 13th - One Tam staff and interns will join us in addition to our staff and interns!
Meet at 4-Corners:
Sun Feb 24th
Homestead Valley History
1907 View from Homestead Valley 

Including an annotated photo with modern street names

( Thank you Marabeth Grahame)

Homestead Valley Contact Information
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