Now accepting reservations for Valentine's Day weddings

Couples wishing to tie the knot on the most romantic day of the year are encouraged to obtain a license and book a reservation. We will be hosting wedding ceremonies at our Fort Myers and Bonita Springs locations. To get married on Feb. 14, Florida residents must obtain their marriage license by Feb. 11. Florida residents who wish to waive the waiting period must show proof of completing a counseling course with an approved Martial Course Provider.  To make a reservation, call 239-533-5007. For more information on marriage ceremonies and vow renewal services, please visit our website.
Former felons must satisfy court fines prior to registering to vote

With the passage of Amendment 4, citizens who have been convicted of specific felonies and satisfied the terms of their sentences are eligible to vote again. While some questions remain about the process to restore voting rights, the Clerk's office is ready to support the will of the electorate.

Customers can request the status of their court fines and fees by visiting our office. However, since some restitution us handled outside of the Clerk's office, we cannot determine if that has been paid. The Supervisor of Elections determines voter eligibility. If the state issues a statement or procedures to address any concerns, we'll be sure to notify you.
Core values of the Lee County Clerk of Court's Office 
At the Clerk's office, we strive for operational excellence every day. Our vision, mission, values and goals all align to ensure your Clerk's office performs exceptionally. 
To be recognized as the premier model of exceptional government.
To protect, preserve and maintain the public records, public funds and public trust.
Organizational Values
Trust-Respect-Effective Communication-Innovation-Enthusiasm-Fun
Organizational Goals
Provide exceptional customer service 
Ensure quality and timeliness in our work
Effectively and efficiently perform our duties
Enlist and mentor positive professional team members
Empower a flexible & innovative environment
Recognize and value differences


  • Small Claims Court Seminar - Feb. 5, 10 a.m., Clerk's office
    For more information, email Rita Miller at
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