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As this holiday season draws to a close, we look back on 2018 and forward to 2019.

2018 was a banner year for the Philadelphia Chapter.  We continued our growth, both in membership and offerings and celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a wonderful party at the  Moshulu.  

As we close the year, we have 412 members - the most ever for our chapter.  In 2018, we had over 100 offerings, including opportunities to give back to our community, Mingles to get to know TTN and each other better, and programs for our health and education.

As we start 2019, we have 17 Peer Groups, 35 Special Interest Groups (with 7 new groups forming) and we already have almost 20 opportunities to learn, visit, grow and give back.

We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year with even more opportunities  to connect, discover and impact ourselves, each other and our community.

On behalf of the Philadelphia Chapter Leadership members and myself, warmest wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

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Chair, TTN Philadelphia  
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Would you like to reap even more benefits from your membership by getting involved in the inner workings of our chapter? Step up and you'll...
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  • Have fun while making a positive difference in the lives of other TTN members
Volunteers are the engine of TTN. We organize all the activities, including Transition Peer Groups, and Special Interest Groups, and help plan the numerous events and programs that bring our members together.
There are many opportunities available for TTN Philadelphia Chapter involvement. Participate in a time-limited project or get involved in ongoing committee work... there are lots of options for you!
Pitch in and help! Contact Jane Siegel ( to get more information and/or express your interest.
And be on the lookout for an upcoming Happy Hour event to get more information firsthand.
Winter/Spring 2019 Programs Committee Offerings
We all are constantly experiencing a range of transitions, questioning "what's next", looking to re-balance  our time and energy toward important aspects of our lives and staying motivated to pursue activities that bring meaning and fulfillment.

The educational Programs being offered in Winter/Spring 2019 are designed to bring you new perspectives and actionable insights in these areas and beyond.   

Our January program will feature TTN Member Deb Spungen who will discuss her new book "Table for One: Essays from a Widow's Journey", how she dealt with pain and loss and how her journey forward has unfolded. Deb will also share how writing her story became key to her healing process. Register here to hear Deb.

In February, we'll blow up whatever misconceptions you may have about being Creative (or not), with a workshop led by TTN Member, Aili Pogust. You don't have to be an artist, musician, actress, writer or stand-up comic to be creative. In fact, you are endowed with a creative brain that functions just like the brain of those artists. In our fast-paced world, creativity is essential for meeting the challenges, dangers and opportunities we face in our daily lives. Come learn how to access your creative brain and sign up for Aili's interactive "Am I Creative?" workshop!

And in March, we are also pleased to offer the brand new TTN Signature Program "On Resilience", read about it in the next article.

If you would like to recommend additional educational topics or speakers for 2019, or if you personally have expertise in a relevant topic and could offer a workshop, please contact Program Chair, Marsha Yankelev ( .
We are pleased to offer the brand new TTN Signature Program "On Resilience", which consists of a 5 hour Introductory Workshop followed by six in-depth resilience Conversations over the following 3 months. 

In the Workshop, you will learn what it means to be resilient, the importance of resiliency in times of stress and transition and to identify skills, strengths and strategies for increasing your personal resilience. 

The Conversation Series is six structured small group conversations, exercises and assessments to expand your repertoire of healthy skills and resilient practices.

Two TTN members, Marcia Goldstein and Jan Zacharjasz, are leading the Workshop and Conversation Series. Both have deep professional expertise in the area of Resilience and workshop facilitation, as well as a passion for seeing others grow and benefit from enhanced resilient behaviors.

Note: The Workshop is required in order to participate in the Conversation Series.  

To learn more about the Program Committee, or to suggest a topic, please contact Program Chair, Marsha Yankelev (
The Giving Circle Begins a New Year

TTN Giving Circle Executive Council

The TTN Giving Circle is starting the 2019 with 20 new members! Thanks to our growth and the generosity of our members, this year we will be able to make a $25,000 grant, to a deserving organization, our largest ever.
Our 2019 grants cycle will begin on Wednesday, January 9th, when the Grants Committee meets for its orientation. We are forming three new committees as well, Member Engagement, Public Relations and Special Events. These important functions are vital to the continued growth and health of our group. If you have an interest or expertise in any of these areas we invite you to contact Carol Cunningham ( to learn how you can contribute.

2019! A New Year is here and with it we bring new resolve! 

Perhaps you plan to read more, learn a new game, get to the movies more often or make new friends.  The Special Interest Groups of TTN can help with all of that. Take a look at the Special Interest Group page where you'll find plenty of offerings.  We've got groups of all kinds - book, movie, games, arts - you name it. 

You'll also see 2 new groups - Podcast People and Ladies Who Lunch - that may be just what you're looking for in 2019.   

Podcast People is a SIG for those who love to listen to podcasts and talk about them. 
Ladies Who Lunch is the newest addition to our very popular lunch groups. 
Contact Joanne Bowes ( if you have SIG questions or suggestions for new groups.  Join us!

SIGs are a benefit of TTN membership.