courtesy of  Dinnie Thorndike

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January 2019
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A placid picnic on the beach at Pond Island last summer is a nice contrast to the snow and ice out the shop windows and the winter ducks quacking in our cove.  Eight weeks to outfitting; seventeen and we'll be sailing!

Crew's News

courtesy of Bob Vieira

The first wave ready in the seineboat for our amphibious landing with dinner in mind.

courtesy of Bridget Rolfe

Rowing ashore for our picnic; the hor's d'oeuvres, lobsters, and 
pie are calling.

courtesy of Craig Parker

Letting the oars and crew cool off ashore

courtesy of Dinnie Thorndike

Off go the lobster shells to reseed the lobster beds

courtesy of Carol Gillespie

Funny; those guys are watching while Christa and Sarah haul away.

Cruise News

I'm saving some of the competition pictures for other newsletters. Here's a sampler of your expertise while sailing for fun.

Excellent, Jake

courtesy of Pat Kenneally

Summer memory; out for a row in our pulling boat

And a correction from the last issue; this is not Head Harbor Light on Campobello.
It's Swallowtail Light, Grand Manan, also by Pat

courtesy of Bridget Rolfe

And what would a newsletter be without a sunset shot at anchor;  here off Hardwood Island, Passamaquoddy Bay.

Postcards & Notecards from away....

A Danish chart in note format from Andrew reporting his adventures in Italy, Denmark, and with a Moroccan stamp.

Dee has given us some other samples of embroidery in the past which hang in the midships passageway during the season. This is for sure the most unique Christmas card this year and a lot of very nice work. Thank you, Dee!

Neither a note or a postcard but interesting nonetheless
courtesy of Dinah Lavery Powderly

The schooner Leo beached at the gut, Deer Island, Boston Harbor around 1910

This remarkable picture shows a small dory trawler on a warm summer day, most likely beached for some caulking. We see all the deck and equipment details as well as the sharp turn of her stem and sweetly cutaway forefoot that helps identify her as an Indianheader model for inshore fishing (when there were fish inshore). At about seventy feet on deck she is as cute as a bug.

She was launched in July 1908 in Essex, Massachusetts, design attributed to Thomas McManus. Owned north of Boston, she typically unloaded at T Wharf. She will be forever nearly new, as she was lost off Cape Ann in March, 1912. Her crew of eight included two dorymen from Port Clyde, Maine.

The author of the note from Denmark in domestic surroundings... well, Canada actually.

Happy New Year!

  John and the crew

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