January 2019 | Washington Commons

We're making progress towards creating a vibrant and sustainable community in the walkable Washington neighborhood of West Sacramento. If you're looking for a more intentional and connected life in 2019 and beyond, this is the time to consider becoming an Explorer with Washington Commons.

Big Moves: we expect to close soon on the property at 4th and G Streets, and will be hosting cohousing expert, Katie McCamant, for a Kick Off Workshop in March.
The Important Points:
  • Come see our site: this Saturday, February 2 at 11:00 a.m.
  • Register for the March 2-3 KICK-OFF WORKSHOP with expert Katie McCamant - send in a check by February 15th for early bird discount
  • Consider registering for the National Cohousing Conference in Portland, Oregon this May
  • Check us out in the SF Chronicle
Hope to meet you at an event soon!
Anne, Maggie, Loretta, Stu & Janet, Stu & Willa, Mary Ann & Herb, Polly, Jae

And welcome to our new Explorers
Patricia, Heather, Lisa & Scott, Kathleen, Christopher, Ed & Karen 
We were featured in the San Francisco Chronicle!
Senior cohousing an ‘antidote to the loneliness’ that hits people as they age
by Kathleen Pender
Excerpt from the article:
"Cohousing is a community where people own their individual homes plus a share of common areas such as outdoor space and a clubhouse with kitchen, living and dining rooms. They typically prepare and share meals several times a week and become more than just neighbors."
JoAnna Allen [a resident of Phoenix Commons in the East Bay Area] called it “a great antidote to the loneliness that hits a lot of people.” She was familiar with cohousing, but her husband, Ken, was less gung ho. He came around “once he realized he could still have his privacy and independence ,” she said.
Washington Commons Members Maggie Borowiak and Anne Geraghty with consultant Shelly Parks at the Crocker Art Museum
“Most people want to stay in their home as long as possible, because they want to control their own life. And then they go into a place where their life is controlled by others,” Washington Commons Member, Anne Geraghty said. “I love the idea of deciding what my future’s about and not being run by a corporation.” ( Note: Washington Commons welcomes all ages. )
We're closing on the site at 4th & G soon!
Come see it for yourself and meet us this Saturday
A Special Saturday morning
 February 2 at 11:0 0 a.m.
Meeting at our Site: 4th and G Streets, West Sacramento
Join us this Saturday for our morning site tour to see our special location and envision the kind of structure and community that we will be creating together.

We want to meet you and have you meet us – and through questions, answers and discussion have you get a better idea of what it is like to be “in community”.
We will give you the latest update on our progress -- on our upcoming Kick Off Workshop , March 2-3, the schedule for beginning the architectural design process, the estimated costs and how to become an Explorer member or a full member and get involved. It’s an exciting time be a part of Washington Commons.

Our neighborhood walk will be along the Sacramento River to the Crocker Museum or to a nearby coffee house where we will continue the discussion of what’s involved to make this happen. 
A group of passionate, motivated citizens taking a vacant lot in a prime urban location... and with the help of professionals, turning it into a thriving community development!
From this...
Our site is is a 1/2 acre just 2 blocks from the Tower Bridge, connecting us to downtown Sacramento.
To this!
PDX Commons is a model community in Portland, Oregon. They and many other communities have shown us that success is within reach.
Registration for March Kick Off Workshop
Early Bird Deadline Coming Up Fast: February 15th
Kick Off Workshop: March 2-3, 2019
Register today for the Washington Commons' Kick Off Workshop led by cohousing expert, Katie McCamant.

​If You......
But you have questions...
  • What will it cost? Can I afford it?
  • How will it be designed? Who are the architects?
  • How long will it take?
  • Who are the other people?
  • How will we make decisions?
  • And most importantly, how will we get it built?
Then this workshop is for YOU!
To receive a significant early bird discount, register by sending in a check by February 15th.
Let's Create Cohousing in West Sacramento
What do you need to know to take your next steps?
Come to a site tour. Ask questions. Get answers.  Become an Explorer member and dig deeper. Take this opportunity to become involved, participate in our business meetings (as a non-voting member), get to know the group and see how we work together. You’ll be given an orientation on our budget and legal documents creating a sound foundation for our work ahead. Additionally, you will receive a copy of “ Creating Cohousing” written by our expert consultant Katie McCamant in partnership with Chuck Durrett. Explorer membership is $250. If you become a full member within 3 months the $250 will be deducted from your initial membership investment of $2,000.

If you have been thinking like we have about the importance of community and about the potential of being part of the first cohousing community in West Sacramento – Now is the time to get involved.
Mark Your Calendars
Saturday, February 2 at 11am
Special Site Tour at 4th and G Streets
West Sacramento
Email Anne with questions.

Monday, February 4
Washington Commons Business Meeting
(Open to Members & Explorers)

Thursday, February 7 at 6:30
Film at Crocker Art Museum
We are meeting to watch "A BETTER LIFE," part of the Film Series: Work, Struggle, and Emancipation. Register here.

Friday, February 15
Early Bird Deadline for Kick Off Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, March 2-3
Washington Commons Kickoff Workshop
Embassy Suites Hotel
May 31-June 2
Cohousing Association National Conference
Portland, OR

In addition to many interesting conference workshops, this is also a great opportunity to visit PDX Commons Cohousing --  as part of a pre-conference tour on May 31 or at a post conference open house on June 2. We are learning much from PDX Commons. Their community, like ours, is an urban infill project on ½ acre (we have .55 acres). It is 4 stories tall with 27 “stacked flats” including 1-3 bedrooms with beautiful community spaces including library, guest rooms, media room, and community dining room.
For more information on Washington Commons, please visit our website.
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