January E-Newsletter
Volume 14 Number 5
January 17
Registration NOW OPEN
Webinar for District, Organization, & State Leaders:
January 17
NNPS will conduct its annual, free webinar for partnership leaders—Thursday, January 17, 2019, from 2:00-3:30 EST. This short overview is for new district, organization, and state members and for experienced leaders who want a refresher on working with school-based teams on partnerships for student success in school. We will discuss leaders’ responsibilities, best practices, and solutions to common challenges. To register, send name, location, e-mail address, and the words Register for January 17 Leadership Webinar to Megumi Hine at mhine1@jhu.edu . The free webinar is a benefit for NNPS members. Activities for the webinar will be sent on Jan. 15.   
February 9, 2019
Edcamp Palmetto: Florence
Registration NOW OPEN
March 5, 2019
Mindfulness Training
Registration NOW OPEN
March 21, 2019
Center of Excellence
Registration NOW OPEN

What do we mean by assessment for learning?
June 19-20
Registration Opens February 11, 2019

 Summer Institute
June 19 - 20, 2019
Pre - Conference Poverty Simulation
June 18, 2019
June 19-20
Call for Proposals NOW OPEN
Summer Institute 2019
DEADLINE: February 28, 2019  
Call for Presentations  
Summer Institute 2018
Set for June 19 - 20, 2019

The Center of Excellence Summer Institute is a two-day event designed to provide participants with practical, research-based information that focuses on the needs and abilities of under-resourced learners. 

Keynote addresses and specialized breakout sessions will focus on classroom strategies and best practices for under-resourced students around this year's theme:
  Teaching Children of Poverty:
Accepting the Challenge; Leveraging the Opportunity.

It is time to submit proposals for breakout sessions. 

Educators learn best from other educators and your successful practices could be featured in breakout sessions. Do you have a classroom activity that has resulted in excellent outcomes? Are you using innovative ways to motivate your learners?  Have you employed a brain-based strategy that energizes your classroom?
Now is the time to share with others!

Proposals are now being accepted and the process is simple.  
Questions? Call or email the Center. 

Proposals must be received before February 28.
June 12-21
Registration Opens February 11, 2019
Summer 2019
Graduate Course
EDPD 525
June 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
Required Participation:
Poverty Simulation - June 18
Summer Institute 2019 - June 19 & 20

This course is designed to provide graduate students with an initial study of issues related to life in poverty and the impact they have on teaching and learning. It includes an introductory study of six standards for teachers of children of poverty, including:  life in poverty; the classroom community; family and community partnerships; curriculum design, instructional strategies and assessment; relationship-driven classroom management; and teachers as learners, leaders and advocates to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment in schools serving large numbers of children of poverty.
Important notes about credit:  This course...  
·           WILL typically be acceptable for SC recertification credit
·          WILL NOT typically count for degree programs at most institutions
·          WILL NOT meet requirements for Add-On Certification for Teachers of Children of Poverty
It is the always the responsibility of the student
to determine how this course will meet individual needs for
recertification or degree requirements.

Your Center around the State and Nation
The Center regularly partners with schools, districts, and organizations to facilitate professional study events focused on serving the needs of children of poverty, and ALL learners.
This month's featured project is...
Award winning
Richland County School District One
SOAR Into Summer Success
Columbia, SC
Richland One was featured on the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) website for their promising practice to increase School, Family, and Community Engagement. Read more: HERE
L to R: Dr. Craig Witherspoon (Superintendent), Kimberly Brunson, Doris Burton, John Dixon, Angelica Guerrero, Sharon Harris, Dr. Debra Knight (NNPS Key Contact), Claressa Hinton, Yolanda Hawkins, Merv McCrimmon, Lakenna Pressley, Crystal Rice, B-Linda Rogers, Gwendolyn Scott, Yolanda Smith, Glenda Wright, Y’ticcia Williams, Sandy Brossard (Chief of Teaching and Learning), Darrell Black (School Board Commissioner)
T eaching
C hildren
O f
P overty
Spring 2019 TCOPS
meetings resume on
Thursday, January 24, 2019.
Current Francis Marion University teacher candidates are encourage to attend for new ideas, networking, and fun.
A Peek at the Practice

Memory consists of recalling information that you have learned or experienced. Many students struggle with remembering what they’ve read or recalling information for tests. In order to be successful in school, you need to remember the information you have learned. Although there isn't any "magic" memory pill, it is possible to improve your memory using the following strategies.
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