Saving Children and Families
COMPACT Springfield, MO Office
As you are keenly aware, the need in the United States for intervening maternity services for unplanned pregnancy and adoption services is vital. Babies and birth mothers need to be saved! To that end…Assemblies of God COMP ACT is reopening Missouri services soon!

Missouri services will include the reopening of Highlands Adoption & Maternity Services, CompaCare ® , FIND Kinship Care and Diversion strategies.

  • Highlands Adoption & Maternity Services began in 1966. In 2006, it relocated all services to the COMPACT Hillcrest Children’s Home campus in Hot Springs, AR. A Highlands Maternity Home for Minors continues on the Hillcrest campus. Broader services are relocating to Springfield, MO. The initial work involves matching services for adoptive couples and birth mothers who are considering making an adoption plan. Expanded a la carte services and full-service adoption packages will follow.
  • CompaCare® is an evidence-based compassion care system helping churches minister to vulnerable children and families. CompaCare® increases capacity, stability and quality for foster children and families.
  • FIND (Families, Individuals, Neighbors, Devotees) is a kinship navigator service helping foster children find placement with their kin.
  • Diversion strategies work in collaboration with local Missouri Children’s Division circuits to serve and stabilize at risk families, both biological and foster families. In short, we help keep kids in homes.

Offices will be at 521 W. Lynn Street, Springfield, MO 65802, the international Compassion Link office of Assemblies of God World Missions. In addition to the new home for COMP ACT Missouri services, the office will include COMP ACT national operational offices for ministry advancement, development and the expansion of CompaCare ® church empowerment.

We are prayerfully seeking $11,000 of offering support for the startup costs of these offices. Would you prayerfully consider investing in this redeeming work for the cause of Jesus Christ? You may use the following secure online giving link below. Thank you for partnering with us to redeem precious souls! We will open the new office this March.
Expanding COMPACT Foster & Kinship Care
Since 2015, at God’s leading, COMP ACT began expanding its continuum of care in order to better minister to the children and families from prevention (staying home) to permanency (going home). That continuum now includes Hillcrest Children’s Home with its multiple residential services, Highlands Adoption & Maternity Services, Foster Care and CompaCare.

Two of the growing works of COMP ACT are its foster care placement services and kinship navigator strategy. Both ministries are growing, and fast. 

Last year, COMP ACT foster care services in the Garland County, Arkansas (home to Hillcrest Children’s Home) improved the foster child-to-bed need ratio by more than 40%! A recent resultant story of COMP ACT ’s growing service continuum includes a youth who received trauma care through Hillcrest Children’s Home and was then placed in a COMP ACT foster home with a permanency plan of a promising future. In the process, this youth, who had previously floundered through the foster system, reached grade-level education status through a team effort of compassionate care. All of this happened within the COMP ACT continuum of care so that the child’s journey was without unhealthy disruption. This is a better path of healing future for such children.

At the tip of the spear of COMP ACT ’s kinship navigator strategy is our F.I.N.D. (Families, Individuals, Neighbors, Devotees) program, developed and deployed in partnership with foster care. FIND is a kinship finding service; mining family and fictive kin connections for children who are seemingly stuck in foster care or at risk of foster care. By law, the first placement for a child who is removed from their home due to maltreatment should be with a safe kin. However, in most cases, it doesn’t happen due to a multiplicity of reasons, including tyranny of the urgent. FIND is making a difference.

The early results of COMP ACT FIND are encouraging. For example, in its early work, COMP ACT has been able to identify at least one kinship placement opportunity for 80% of the referred FIND cases! The kinship genograms for each child have spanned four generations. FIND is growing family hope for children!

We aim to redeem family for more vulnerable children! Pray for God’s favor on these ministries! We need financial partners to support these expanding Christ-centered family ministries. Please point those interested in financially supporting these ministries to the link below. Blessings!
Upcoming Birthdays
Birthdays are a big deal to our residents here at COMPACT. Sometimes we get to throw a child their first birthday party ever. Sometimes it is hard to spend a birthday apart from their biological family. Below is a list of upcoming birthdays on our campus. Please consider sending a card of encouragement to uplift and brighten a child's birthday.

David* - 12 - Male
Chris* - 6 - Male
Jeremiah* - 11 - Male
Lynne* - 11 - Female
*In order to protect the identity of our residents, the names listed above are pen names. Pen names reflect actual children on our campus and have been chosen by each resident when they come to COMPACT.
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