January 2019
Love What You've Done with the Place?
Enter our Interior Design Contest!
Did you know . . .

Did you know that home business on base housing need to be registered?
´╗┐Find out what steps you need to take in this article!
Community Standards

Hickam Communities will be out in the neighborhoods doing inspections to keep our communities looking great. Get all the details on our citation policy here.
Keeping it Safe

Read the latest safety tips from JBPHH Emergency Management Group.
Get social in 2019!

Check out all the fun photos from resident events to on-line photo contests on Hickam Communities Facebook page.
Drive-Thru Pizza Nights

Football might be over but we've still got pizza! Be sure not to miss out on this great monthly deal exclusively for Hickam Communities Residents.
Getting ready to PCS? We've got a briefing for that! Read more about it here.
Frequently asked questions and contact information can be found here.
Here are the latest schedules for Refuse, Bulky items, Green waste and Landscaping for 2019.