Thank you to all who submitted prayer points about your work. CCIH exists to lift up your work and help you make connections to reach those in need and answer our Christian calling to serve.
January 2019 Prayers
Reflection on Planning: Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house. Proverbs 24:27
Week 1: January 1-8
Pray for guidance for ministries planning their work for the year. May all be blessed with wisdom, discernment and patience as we prayerfully plan work for the year.

Pray for survivors and those who lost loved ones as the death toll climbs in the wake of the tsunami in Indonesia . Pray for those responding and providing care and relief. 
Week 2: January 9-16
Pray for calm and peace in areas experiencing conflict related to political elections. Pray for those effected by unrest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bangladesh .

Pray for CCIH members and Christians working in Pakistan. Pray for partnerships and peaceful interactions with others. Prayer focus on the Kunri Christian Hospital and its work to nurture interfaith harmony.
Week 3: January 17-23
CCIH focus area of Integration of Faith and Work . Pray that we keep our faith at the center of our work. Prayer focus on students at Cedarville University School of Nursing, World Relief and  SIM.

CCIH focus area of the Health of Women and Children. Pray for all working to improve the Health of Women and Children. Prayer focus on Mennonite Central Committee  and Browne Academy Ministries in Liberia.  
Week 4: January 24-31
CCIH Focus Area of Community-Based Primary Health Care . Prayers of thanks for Community-based Primary Health Care experts in the Christian community who continue to share their knowledge and commitment to the field: Henry Perry of Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Connie Gates and the work of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, India and Mwai Makoka of the World Council of Churches (See special issue of Contact Magazine and article titled “Are We Faithful to Our Foundations?” by Dr. Makoka.)

CCIH Focus Area of Health Systems Strengthening . Pray for organizations working to strengthen health systems in developing nations and fragile areas. Prayer focus on Global Health Action and MEDS (Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies) in Kenya.
Contact  Kathy Erb to send your prayer points or for more information about these efforts or to contact the organizations mentioned.
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