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January 2019

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Mentor's Tutor Tip
from Trainer Karen Fuist

Are you superstitious? It is interesting to discuss the superstitions of different countries because there are often some similarities as well as many differences.

Start the lesson with a discussion about superstition. Ask if they are familiar with that word and, if so, ask them to share what they know. If not, offer an example of a superstition, for example, that carrying a rabbit’s foot will bring good luck or hanging a horseshoe over your doorway will bring good luck. Ask them if they think these superstitions are true or untrue, and make sure you encourage your student to share the reasons behind their responses. Once your student is thinking about superstitions, give them the following list of superstations that are supposed to bring bad luck.

  • Breaking a mirror
  • Walking under a ladder
  • Opening an umbrella inside the house
  • Having a black cat cross your path
  • Friday the 13th

Give your student time to discuss each of these superstitions. Where do they think the phrases could have originated? Why might they bring bad luck? Does your student agree that these might be true? Once your student have examined each of these American superstitions, challenge them to think of superstitions from their native cultures which foretell bad luck. Are there any similarities between the superstitions they have grown up with and these in English?

People fall at every point along a spectrum when it comes to superstitions. Some believe whole-heartedly and follow the advice these phrases have to give as much as possible. Still others disregard the whole idea of luck, whether good or bad. Ask your student to think of a time in their lives when they think luck played a part in a success or a failure. If your student does not to believe in luck, ask them to think of a time that luck should have played a part in a situation but did not.

The following links relate to the concept of superstitions:

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This New Year,
Literacy DuPage welcomes Allie Schultz as its new
Program Coordinator!
Born and raised in DuPage county, Allie is excited to come back home after recently graduating from Hope College. When she isn’t here with us at the office, Allie enjoys nothing more than a good book (a hobby that made her interested in Literacy DuPage to begin with). 
Conversation Groups

ESL intermediate and above level students are encouraged to participate in one or more of LPD’s conversation groups. Click here for a list of current locations, days and times.  New locations are Addison Public Library and Loaves & Fishes (Naperville).

Conversation groups are facilitated by LDP tutors and provide a relaxed and enjoyable way for students to practice their listening and speaking skills with a variety of participants. Encourage your learner to attend!
Conversation Starter: "Humour"

Some of the conversation  starters this month include  questions, such as . . .

→ Who is the funniest person you know?

→ What makes you laugh?

→ Are there any English words you find funny?

You can access the full  conversation starter activity  by clicking here .
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