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We have been so busy rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining and rehoming donkeys, mules and horses, that we rarely have time to reflect (or write) about the amazing impact we have had on the community and equines.

GREAT things are happening. We have an incredible team of supporters helping to make a difference for both equines and humans. Please take a minute to see the images below of just some of the highlights.
One month (January 2019):
21 SAVED. 5 in Quarantine
15 Donkeys
3 Mules
3 Horses

Plus offered free quarantine to 5 horses for other 501c3 rescues in New England.
#TEAMOLIVIA #DonkeyWalks
E very Sunday we have a group of volunteers who come visit the rescues and walk (or #Run4Rescue) through the countryside. It's been cold, but we bundle up with our furry friends who enjoy meeting new people and getting out of the paddock!
MiniTherapy - Learn more at
O ur goal is to train our rescues to give back to our community. We train therapy Minis (horses & donkeys) for registered Equine Assisted programs.
In 2019, we have bought a mini trailer and partnered with a local therapy program to take our MiniTherapy team on the road SO if people can't come to us, we can go to them!
Children's Book for all ages: Make Way for Donkeys
We released a children's book. This book is about Jaspers and Skipper who were rescued from a 'bad place' and end up #PackBurroRacing in Colorado.

You may buy any of the 3 books by Janine Jacques on AMAZON .

All proceeds to the Equine Rescue Network.
News from the SDP Maternity Ward
The beautiful thing about rescuing donkeys is that many of the Jennys (girls) come with an added surprise - hidden on the inside, is a bonus donkey! Her new home was especially surprised to find this little bonus donkey appear in January!

We have a very-pregnant Jenny on her way up from Texas. She will arrive on tonight. You may see her after midnight on the DonkeyCam at
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