January 2020



" You don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

New Overtime Law Will Present New Challenges
Classification Will Be More Critical Than Ever 

The Department of Labor's new overtime law went into effect on January 1, offering new challenges for employers who are expected to reclassify nearly 1 million employees to non-exempt status in 2020 - or raise pay rates to meet the $35,568 threshold. 

The new law also means business owners will need to keep a close eye on both salary and job descriptions moving forward to avoid any misclassification mishaps and remain compliant. 

Our latest blog has more. Follow the link below to read it in its entirety.
This Month in Film History

January 29, 1959

Walt Disney releases its 16th animated feature film, "Sleeping Beauty." 

"Sleeping Beauty" was the  first animated film to be shot in the  Super Technirama 70   widescreen  process, and the last Disney adaptation of a fairy tale until 1989's "The Little Mermaid." 

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Maslow Media has partnered with our client, an international news channel in search of a Booking Producer for their Washington, D.C. location. This role will be responsible for researching and booking book a wide range of experts and high-profiled guests across the world for network shows and current affairs talk shows. You will keep expanding our contacts database covering a variety of expertise worldwide.  You will also work closely with other newsroom teams in terms of all guest-booking related responsibilities.  

The ideal candidate has international news, guest booking, and live broadcast experience with established media contacts globally. This is a full-time role. 
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Maslow Media has partnered with a financial institution, in search of a Multimedia/AV Technician. As the Multimedia/AV Technician, you will have the skills and abilities to support the corporate events that may occur at any of the locations in the Tri-State area. This is a freelance pool.
The ideal candidates have combined experience as a camera operator, technical director, production assistant, audio technician, and video editor. 

Workplace Stress Could Cost You Your Business
Emotional Outbursts Can Cripple Companies

According to a survey by Monster.com, 80% of employees have cried at work at least once. 

Left unchecked, workplace frustrations can lead to lost productivity, a rise in employee turnover, and decimated morale. 

Making smart staffing choices and providing ample, appropriate training are proactive steps employers can take to reduce workplace stressors. 

For additional tips, follow the link below. 

The Country is Keeping a Watchful Eye on AB5
"Gig Economy Bill" Could have Repercussions for Rest of Nation... Eventually

On Jan. 1, California legislation known as AB5 - or "the gig economy bill" went into effect in California in an effort to encourage companies like Uber and Lyft to compensate their workforce as employees. 

But multiple tech companies - including the aforementioned ride sharing outfits - have united to sponsor a ballot initiative, in hopes of remaining exempt from the law. Meanwhile, newspaper publishers, freelance writers, and others are wringing their hands and raising their voices, decrying the legislation's potentially negative impact on their lives and careers. 

Though states like  New York, New Jersey, and Illinois are entertaining similar bills, the legislation's impact on the remainder of the country is yet to be seen. The nation, at large, appears to be watching the California fervor intently, to see how - and if - everything falls into place. 
Maslow Media Group can help you avoid the penalties associated with employee misclassification no matter where you are. 

Simple miscalculations or mistakes can cost employers a great deal. MMG has the answers to your important questions regarding payroll, contractors, compliance, and more. Contact us today to learn more. 
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