Literacy DuPage - Increasing our SPARK with the College of DuPage
Ending low literacy can't be accomplished alone; it requires teamwork.
The combined mission of Literacy DuPage and College of DuPage's Continuing Education Department is to help adults achieve both their personal and educational goals by offering a combination of individualized and classroom tutoring in English. And together we envision a world of adults, families, and communities empowered through literacy.

To further advance our missions and visions, in July 2019, the College of DuPage and Literacy DuPage embarked on a journey, forming a new partnership together. This partnership is designed for greater reach, greater impact, and greater success in the community. By joining forces, we have not just been able to increase but multiply our efforts.
"We have seen students benefiting from the combined focus and resources of both organizations working collectively to prepare them for immediate employment and continued study at the college level," said Joe Cassidy, College of DuPage Dean of Continuing Education.
Joe Cassidy has been a strong advocate of the partnership since the beginning. As Dean of Continuing Education at the College, Joe continuously looks to partner with like-minded organizations that share the College's mission, vision, and values.

Joe has been with the College since 2010, and over the past ten years, he has worked hard to advance the breadth of the College's mission. Joe champions this new collaboration as it helps to further provide resources for all who live within the DuPage County community.
From left to right: Therese McMahon, Joe Cassidy, and Literacy DuPage Board Chair Jean Demas
Partnership updates.
Last summer, Literacy DuPage moved into COD's Continuing Education office suite at the College's main campus. Learners and tutors now have access to many of the College's resources such as easy enrollment in COD classes, access to the library and library cards, access to COD's Career Services office, and a seamless transition to additional education opportunities.

Throughout the fall semester, Literacy DuPage assumed responsibility of COD's People Educating People or PEP program for students enrolled in ABE/HSE/ ELA classes . Although we have taken over responsibility, the COD staff continues to be supportive and involved.

What is in store for 2020?
Through this partnership, Literacy DuPage learners will continue to receive free, personalized tutoring, but with access to even more resources and possibilities, such as student registration and services. We are excited to continue program development together for increased student support, through s haring volunteer, staff and college resources, and deepening tutoring experiences with the College’s literacy educators and Literacy DuPage tutors .

Both students enrolled in classroom instruction and learners in the one-on-one tutoring program will have expanded access to tutoring resources inside and outside of the classroom.

We are ecstatic to expand this relationship and are incredibly optimistic about our partnership’s potential to reach more learners, volunteers, and donors.

Growing PEP.
The People Educating People or PEP program is a unique program where tutors help COD's Adult Education Instructors in their ABE/HSE/ ELA classes. Tutors are present during the classes and provide support to both instructors and students. Due to the nature of the classes, tutors can help in reading, math, or ELA classes.

The Literacy DuPage point of contact for the PEP program is Lauren Nadolski. Lauren is also an instructor at COD. We are glad she is on our team and know she will do a wonderful job managing the program.

Currently, there are 63 tutors in the PEP program. We are thankful for each tutor as they have had a tremendous effect on the lives of many students. They make a huge difference in DuPage County!
Literacy DuPage - Increasing our SPARK with the College of DuPage
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