january 2019
pear vinegar vintage 2

Vinegar Makes a Splash!

It's here! Bright and savory Asian Pear Aged Vinegar is now available for purchase through our online store.

Made from a blend of our own Asian Pears and local apples, it is a unique taste experience.

This vinegar is great on salads, used in Asian dishes in place of rice wine vinegar or try it as a condiment!

Speaking of Pears... 
"It's pear seasoned vinegar!" Dean R, Douglassville, PA

Level Up Snacks

Our new gift box is a gourmet delight! Tender, sweet dried Asian Pears, essential Asian Pear spread and locally made Fallers Pretzel Sticks. 

Sweet and salty is an amazing combination, made better with locally crafted foods.

Give as a healthy Valentine's gift or keep it for yourself. We won't tell!

Tools of the Pear Trade

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the pears will be so delightful!

It may be cold outside, but our pear trees need care all year long. 

This pruning saw is used to prune excess growth on the trees so they can continue to produce high quality Asian Pears.

Need a Valentine's Day dish to create with our Asian Pear Aged Vinegar? Visit our recipes page and select "Other".