January 2020 Newsletter
Exploring Loose Parts
It's a new year and a new decade! What a great time to adopt new strategies to promote children’s creativity and exploration! An easy and inexpensive way to do so is by incorporating loose parts into the learning environment. “Loose parts” is a term used to describe any material that can be used in an open-ended manner. These are materials that can be used in many different ways, or for many different purposes. Learn More
Benefits of Loose Parts
Loose Parts for
Infants & Toddlers
Loose Parts for
Older Children
Director’s Corner:
Helping Teachers Get Started with Loose Parts
Additional Articles
What is your experience with using loose parts in the classroom?
A. I use loose parts regularly both inside and outside on the playground
B. I keep our loose parts on the playground
C. I use a few loose parts in the classroom
D. I am new to loose parts and excited to learn more
Poll Results: December 2019 Newsletter
My program employs collective leadership practices with:

A. Staff members - 59 responses or 36%
B. Children - 30 responses or 19%
C. Families - 16 responses or 10%
D. A combination of staff, children and families - 44 responses or 27%
E. We do not use collective leadership yet, but plan to do so in the future - 13 responses or 8%

162 total responses
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Children's Interactions with Loose Parts | CCEI

The January edition of the CCEI newsletter focuses on ways to introduce loose parts into your learning environment. These open-ended materials provide countless developmental and learning opportunities - once the children get used to using them....

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