Get Fired Up
B y: Erin Gorter, CATA President, Cal Poly SLO

The word “burnout” brings several definitions to my mind. First, Jeff Spicoli—the quintessential surfer with disregard to authority in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (I just dated myself, but I will get over it). Second, the act of keeping a vehicle stationary while spinning the tires to create friction. Anyone who has ever visited my old Atascadero home has probably left his or her own tire marks in my incredibly steep drive. Next, the reduction of fuel to nothing through combustion. My grandma lives on a ranch in Pozo where it is critical to keep the wood stove lit during the winter. When that thing burns out, it gets cold! Last, burnout has been described as a physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. Although we probably all have experience with each of these definitions, the one most frequently used concerning teaching agriculture is the last.