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January 2020 Recommendations
Books with 4 stars have been positively reviewed by at least 2 different members at at least 2 different meetings.

Psychological Fiction
Power of Friendship Women, Istanbul, Death. Leila, in her last 10 minutes and 38 seconds of life, remembers important episodes of her life.
Domestic Fiction
Psychological Fiction
Quirky characters help a promising young actor and his tattoo-artist mother find his long-lost father.
Western Fiction
Ghost Stories
Who knew camels were used in the Arizona desert to help settle the American West?

1st in Series
11 year old detective, Flavia De Luce, solves crimes in 1950s England using her chemistry lab while plotting against her older sisters.
1st in series
Flawed but moral, African American Texas Ranger solves crimes in East Texas.
Police Procedural
Drug deals, police corruption. "The smartest, the toughest, the quickest, the bravest, the best, the baddest" cops in the NYPD.
Suspense Fiction
Noir Fiction
Dark debut-novel about an undertaker employed at the best funeral home in Dublin who oversees the funeral of a notorious mobster.
Historical Fiction
Korean Family/Japan
A young girl abandons her home in rejection of a powerful man. Follow the consequences of this decision through subsequent generations.
Prison Caper
Debut Novel
After robbing a bank dressed as a nun, Donald Conroy goes to jail. While there he learns the value of friendship. Rollicking fun.
Black Humor
After cancer treatment, school teacher Eleanor goes to remote and just a bit creepy Talbingo, where she lives in a cabin with no cell or internet service, to teach stressed-out kids.
Romance Fiction
South Carolina/Chicago
Southern country family meets Chicago society family at engagement party for their children. These families find common ground through kindness and humor.
Black Humor
What do you do with your baby sister (the family favorite) who murders boyfriends she doesn't like? Find out in this "satire meets slasher" debut novel.
Learn how we form habits and why, once formed, they are so hard to change. Read a particulary big-brotherish account about a retailer that knows more about your habits than you do.
The story of a mother of 10 children who was dragged out of her home in Belfast, Ireland in 1972. Her children never heard from her again. Gripping story, well written.
After her parents divorce, a young girl along with her mother and brother move to Carmel, CA to live with her grandparents. She is entranced and inspired by her grandfather and the honey bees he raises.