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Our January 2020 Newsletter

Ha ppy New Year!

And many thanks for making 2019 an exceptional year for us. Our decision to restrict our regular shop opening times to our Spring and Fall shows appears to have been a good one, and the Sunday Splash has extended these events far beyond the weekend and the hills of Western Massachusetts. And between our website, Instagram, and our "open almost anytime by appointment" policy, we continue to meet new customers and continue face-to-face relationships with old friends.

Shows, on the other hand, have been somewhat less exciting, and we're re-thinking some of the few shows we've continued to do. At this moment, Spring Rhinebeck and Fall Wilmington are our sole planned outings in 2020. Once we know the date(s) for Wilmington, we'll put the finishing touches on our own schedule.

Meanwhile, the shipment containing the stock we found in England last fall has just arrived. It's all unpacked, and we've begun the long process of preparing things for our May show.

This first newsletter of the new year features a number of new listings and the annual January recounting of our New Year's Eve dinner for two. Pippin is featured in a micro-video, and The Back Page features a small group of accidental guests at our New Year's celebration. We've added a new feature to our jewelry pages: brief videos of the pieces in real life. We hope you enjoy it all.

Our New Year's Eve Feast

Our regular readers probably know that each December 31st, we spend the day preparing a special New Year's Eve dinner for two. This year's six-course meal centered on Mediterranean cuisine. You can join us by clicking the picture above. 
This Month's New Listings

We've just completed a major overhaul of our website,  thinning our galleries and  removing previously sold pieces,  as well as adding two dozen previously unlisted items. The additions include several pieces of furniture that we'd set aside for the Wilmington show, as well as several good smalls and jewelry items and three pieces for the wall.

We're excited to announce a significant new feature on our website's Jewelry Gallery. The description page for each piece now includes a link to a brief video showing the item in motion. We feel that movement gives a more complete idea  of a piece as it might appear on a person. If these videos prove to be effective, we plan to add them to our other galleries as well.

You can view January's new listings by clicking the picture above.

Pippin's Page

To see how Pippin spent his New Year's Eve, click his picture.
The Back Page

While Jan and I were enjoying our New Year's Eve dinner and the exceptional beers that we chose to accompany it, a rowdy group of seasonal guests in our music room were apparently imbibing in a more serious fashion. Before we headed for bed, we stopped in to check on them, and this is what we found.
And thank you for being a newsletter reader. We value your continuing interest and support.
John and Jan