January 2020 Newsletter
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
January 29, 2020 12:30-2PM
Attention all 2019 volunteers! Join us for a special luncheon celebrating...YOU!
Our volunteers put in a tremendous amount of hard work every day to help thousands of our Central Florida neighbors in need. We simply couldn't do it without you!
The event will include a catered lunch by Bagel King and a special Meet & Greet with JFS Orlando's Executive Director, Phil Flynn.

Thank you for all that you do. We hope to see you there!

Did you know...?
JFS Orlando is part of the LIFE & LEGACY Program through TOP, created to promote after-lifetime giving to sustain valued organizations and vibrant Jewish communities for the next generation and beyond.

Legacy giving is for people of all ages and wealth status. Together, we are ensuring the Jewish future.

Please consider choosing JFS Orlando as one of your beneficiary agencies.

Coffee Connections
January 30, 2020 8-9AM
Looking to volunteer, partner, or support JFS Orlando? Join us for our FIRST Coffee Connections of 2020!

The morning will include a t our of our support center, client success stories, coffee, a light breakfast, and more!

The Power of Giving: Counseling, Growth and Development Program
Amy's Story
"Hi, my name is Amy. I was looking for a therapist and I found out about JFS by doing an internet search. Across the board all of the therapists at JFS had really good reviews and they had a lot of specializations when it comes to mental health. I thought I’d try it out.

I was looking for help with anxiety and they did a really great job pairing me with a therapist because pretty much instantly I felt comfortable with her. I felt like she was someone who could really help me with the specific things that I’m struggling with. She’s very open-minded, very warm, very accepting, but also very knowledgeable and helpful with everything that I’m trying to improve upon.

For most people, when you’re going to counseling, it is very difficult to talk about things that you’re struggling with. You’re hoping that the person that’s there counseling you isn’t going to judge you or isn’t going to make you feel like you’re doing things wrong. [My counselor] has made me feel like it’s going to be ok because I have her on my team. She has created a really welcoming, safe space for me to talk about very difficult, vulnerable subjects. I’m very happy to have her as my therapist.

I really appreciate JFS. Whenever I come here it’s so welcoming; the staff members are all so kind. It’s a family environment. It’s a place where they’re gonna make sure you’re ok. That’s a really nice feeling—that people care and that people are supporting you in your community.

JFS Orlando 2019 counseling client
We offer counseling for children, adults, couples, and families, all in a trusting, reassuring, and healing atmosphere. Areas of specialization include ADHD, addiction, grief, marital and premarital, parenting, weight loss, and more. Medicare, Medicaid, and almost all commercial insurances are accepted.
Call 407-644-7671 to schedule an appointment with a JFS Orlando counselor today.
Volunteer Spotlight:
The Gift of Time
Danielle Reeber and
Linda Nusynowitz

Danielle and Linda are no strangers to volunteering together. Volunteering at JFS reminds them how hard times can fall on anyone. “You never know in life—what life is gonna bring you. There was a woman who came to the door. She was driving a really nice car..."
Beyond the
Counseling Couch
New Year, New Habits: Five tips for creating healthy habits
By Ashlyn Douglass-Barnes, LCSW
– JFS Clinical Director 

As we come into the new year, many people are thinking about making new year’s resolutions, but really we should be focusing on forming long term healthier habits...
Grant Funder's Corner: Thank you!
Thank you to the following grant funders for supporting
JFS Orlando recently:
  Joe and Sarah Galloway Foundation
Family Stabilization Program

•  VNA Foundation
Reliable Independent Drivers for the Elderly (RIDE)

•  William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation
Family Stabilization Program

•  City of Orlando Community Investment
Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry
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