Sharon Morris and The Serendipity Hotel  located   in Las Tunas, Todos Santos, for hosting the first annual Palapa Donor Appreciation party, and for donating all costs for the food, beverages, and entertainment.

Kaitie Schneider  for your donation of children’s books and art supplies.
Susanna Acevedo for your exceptional donation to purchase new library books in English and Spanish.

Carrera de Todos Santos 5k volunteer squad: Gaby and Alejandro Flores, Dennis Naigle, Connie and Andy Mical, Tim Doyle, Tom Carroll, Jack Schaub, Tony Palma, Peter Lepine, Bill ‘Memo’ Cate, Sara Gay Dammann, Kerrie Gable, Tony and Lee Irons, Malia Durbano, Catya Weil, and Zumba Instructors Jan Turner and Happy Brown.