Parent Contact Update
- January 2020 -
 The EIPLP Team would like to wish you a 
happy, healthy and abundant 2020!
Did you know...

that a podcast that focuses on all things Early Intervention has been created? This podcast is a collaborative effort of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (through a contract with the Partnership for People with Disabilities/VCU). It was created for early intervention providers and families are welcome to tune in! Please share with other families! 

Episode 4: Active Listening

Did you know...

the Federation for Children With Special Needs Visions of Community conference will be Saturday, February 29? EIPLP is thrilled to be able to sponsor up to 15 parents to attend this annual conference being held at the Seaport World Trade Center. Workshops will cover lots of topics, and are available in many languages. This conference is a great way to connect with  services, agencies, other families AND learn LOTS. If you're interested in attending, please email us at and let us know!

Did you know...

your time in Early Intervention is limited to when your child turns 3 years old? As your program's Parent Contact, please consider suggesting another parent to take on this role after you transition. We are available to support you or a new parent in this process... please feel free to reach out if we can help. Email us at

Did you know...?

Family-Centered Services base decisions with each family on the unique culture, values, priorities, and routines of that family .
We love that you are here!

Parent Contacts are an important part of the Massachusetts Early Intervention System. Parent Contacts are parents and guardians of children currently receiving EI services who volunteer to receive information from the EIPLP and share it with other families. If your child is no longer receiving services, or you no longer wish to be the Parent Contact for your EI program, please let us know by calling 
1-877-353-4757 or emailing so that we can identify another family from your program.