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2019 Outcome Report

2019 was a year of change in Virginia's health safety net.  Medicaid expansion increased access to healthcare for many Virginians but there still remains over 300,000 people left uninsured who continue to struggle to access affordable medication.   Recognizing the continued need, Rx Partnership increased patient income eligibility to 300% of the federal poverty level,  expanded the number and dosage strengths of generic medications offered, added an additional five clinic partners, and piloted a new program that purchases the top 10 most dispensed generic medications for clinics with pharmacies at no cost !  

Rx Partnership is committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable Virginians (and the clinics that serve them!) have access to affordable medications to treat their chronic conditions.  

To view a full size version of the 2019 Outcome Report,   please click here.

Rx Partnership would like to thank our clinic partners, 
donors and pharmaceutical partners for 
their continued support and commitment! 

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Rx Partnership Budget Amendment - Item 303 #5h
Rx Partnership Staff Meets with Delegate Rodney Willett

Rx Partnership staff met with Rodney Willett, newly elected representative of the 73rd Virginia House of Delegates district.  Delegate Willett has sponsored a budget amendment that helps increase financial resources for Rx Partnership to continue to do our critical work increasing access to medication for vulnerable Virginians.  Please consider contacting your legislator and asking them to support budget amendment Item 303 #5h which increases state funding support for Rx Partnership's critical generic medication access programs by $100,000.   For more information,

Thank you  Delegate Willett  for your continued support!
Rx Partnership Spotlight
Rx Partnership Welcomes the Free Clinic of Twin Counties as  Newest Clinic Partner

Rx Partnership is excited to announce that the  Free Clinic of the Twin Counties, located in Galax, Virginia and serving Carroll and Grayson Counties, has joined RxP's Access to Medication Program in November 2019.

According to Melissa Deal, Executive Director:

"The Free Clinic of the Twin Counties is very excited to join the AMP program, this will provide the clinic another way to help offset some of the healthcare expenses of our patients. The Clinic is always looking for ways to remove the barriers to healthcare."

Other AMP clinic partners:
Questions about the Access to Medication Program (AMP)?
Please contact Program Director Hope Kestle for more details.
Rx Partnership NEW Program
Pilot Provides Generic Medication Support for Clinic Partners With Pharmacies

As part of Rx Partnership's ambitious strategic vision in FY20, RxP has launched a brand new medication access program t hat leverages resources to purchase much needed generic medications for clinics with pharmacies cost-effectively through a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  

RxP is constantly exploring new ways to support our clinic partners and increase medication access for vulnerable Virginians.   But we need your help!  To find out about how you can become a partner of RxP, please contact Amy Yarcich.

Questions about the newest RxP program?  
Please contact Executive Director, Amy Yarcich for more information.
Thank You to Our Supporters
Rx Partnership Cannot Do What We Do Without YOU! 

We  appreciate all the support from individuals and organizations that have made our success possible as we work toward the lofty vision of ensuring "Every Virginian has access to the medications they need."  


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