January 2020
~ Welcome to 2020 ~
Are You Making a Resolution?
by Janna Faulk

2019 has come and gone. A new year is upon us and 2020 is a clean slate to start anew. If you are like me and weary of making yet another New Year's resolution that may not come to fruition, take a cue from Marie Kondo , resolutions don't spark joy for me so I'm letting them go.
I'm not setting any big goals like achieving a zero plastic life or vowing to only eat locally sourced food. I'm simply going into 2020 intending to be more conscious and present in my days and actions. A specific resolution can be hard to maintain all month let alone all year. But mindful living is a daily practice with ups and downs and an ever-evolving goal. Its a mindset, not a ridged commitment. Simply paying attention to each action and purchase you make can help you focus on what is important to you.
But how does following a mindful practice help anyone but me? Research has shown that mindfulness can not only change how we think, but it can also help us to take the actions needed to build a more sustainable society.
Will you aim to be more mindful in 2020 to help make tomorrow better for yourself and our planet? Regardless if you are hoping for big changes or small, we are in this together. SVR is here to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
  • Give yourself some cues in your bathroom or somewhere you see first thing to remind you to focus on your task (shower, brush teeth, etc.).
  • Incorporate a time to do a mental checklist about your coming day - what will you need? Is there anything you can bring with you to reduce your carbon footprint (coffee travel mug, water bottle, take out containers, utensils, cloth napkin, etc.)
  • When you are thinking about purchasing something ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I need this?
  • Can I get this locally?
  • Is there a more sustainable packaging option?
  • Will this product bring me joy in a week, month, year?
  • Is this made to last the test of time? Would I be willing to pay more for a longer-lasting product?
  • Is this purchase in-line with my values?
  • Whatever your answers are, you are practicing mindfulness and that's the whole goal!
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