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From vulnerability to new hope
Promoting sustainable agriculture
in El Salvador
Maryknoll lay missioner Peg Vámosy promotes sustainable agriculture with family farmers in El Salvador. Peg works through the social justice committee of Monte San Juan Parish near Cojutepeque in the Cuscatlán department of El Salvador. In this video, she talks about her work with the farmers, about educating people on healthful nutrition and other environmental concerns, and about celebrating life with her community.
Ted's Talk

I want to start the new year with hope. Each news story, however, points to chaos, fragility of life, and our brokenness.

I was not expecting an escalating Middle East crisis or wildfires besieging an entire continent (and underscoring the urgency of the climate crisis). I know we still have demons to face in the United States, but the rise of anti-Semitism and the continued lack of civility in our political and religious circles is increasingly troubling.

Vulnerable and disappointed—yes; hopeful—not so much.

Vulnerability, though, can be a force for good. In as much as vulnerability is a measure of our capacity to be hurt or wounded, it is also a measure of our capacity to love. Being vulnerable against our will is abuse, violation, and violence. But in following Jesus we are choosing the risks of love and a vulnerability that comes from love lived in the world.

Vulnerable times as these invite us to new ways of being. Can we treat each other compassionately and seek opportunities to dialogue? Can we build bridges and cross into new understandings and ways of life?

Perhaps the new class of Maryknoll lay missioners, who just traveled to their new homes, can lead the way. Perhaps, together , we can all explore little ways “to share faith and this journey of life,” as Peg Vámosy and her Salvadoran community demonstrate in this month’s video highlight.

Love requires a willingness to take risks and to care for one another, whereby the other’s fate affects one’s own. In such moments, God may surprise us and we might find our vulnerability turning to hope and the promise of love magnified . I pray we can all start the new year with this hope.

Peace and every good,
Ted Miles
Executive Director
Joyfully dancing into mission: The new Maryknoll missioners praise God
with a Swahili hymn as they process out of the Dec. 14 Sending Ceremony
'God's love has no borders'
Our new missioners arrive in their new countries

Maryknoll lay missioners understand that God’s love has no borders. By this Sunday, all of our new missioners from the Class of 2019 will have arrived in the countries of their mission assignments.

Please continue to pray for them as they now study the language and culture of their host communities to prepare them to work together with local partners to build culturally appropriate solutions to local problems.

They are joining our other lay missioners already in the field who are engaged in our many transformative ministries. They impact more than 10,000 lives each year in the areas of education, healthcare, faith formation, justice and peace, and sustainable development.

Please support the Class of 2019 as they begin their mission journeys. Your generosity enables us to continue to build bonds of solidarity and compassion across international borders.

With your help, we can recruit, train, send, and support lay missioners who choose to say yes when God says “Go.”

Friends Across Borders
Immersion Program

Our next immersion trip to Tanzania
is scheduled for March 10-22, 2020
Maryknoll lay missioner Angelica Ruppe with students in Musoma
Join us on this encounter with our missioners and Tanzanian partner communities in Mwanza and Musoma (both on Lake Victoria) and experience the unforgettable Serengeti.

Hurry! Registration deadline is this Saturday,
Jan. 11, 2020  

For more information on the Tanzania trip, visit our website here.

Call 914-236-3480  
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