February 2020
Debbie Dadey's 133rd newsletter
Hope you'll join me
March 20 and 21 Southern KY Book Festival in Bowling Green, KY (Louis Sacher will be there!)
Happy birthday to Judy Blume on Feb. 12th. I've been lucky enough to meet Judy twice. Once in a public bathroom in Key West and once at a book signing. You'll see my nose, Judy, and her husband in the image to the right.

I must love St. Valentine's Day. I have five books about it. Perhaps you'll enjoy one of these with your young readers.
Hope I'll get to see you at some the upcoming events listed below. I'm looking forward to tea party fun and more this month!
2020 is a big year for the Dadey family, with a baby boy expected soon from my oldest son and his lovely wife AND a summer wedding with my daughter and her handsome fiance.
It's also a big year for our country, lest we forget the upcoming election (as if we could!) This Bailey School Kids book, Werewolves Don't Run for President tells about the electoral college and elections in a way that hopefully 2-5th graders can understand.

Hope you have great fun on Feb. 5th. I will visit Caton's Chapel School in the morning and Skype with schools in the afternoon. I'd love for every day to be World Read Aloud Day!

Check out the discussion guide and tea party ideas for A Royal Tea here .
I'll be autographing at a tea party this month, but you can have fun no matter where you live. I'll never forget the third grade teacher who had her students host a tea party every year to learn manners. They were the best-behaved class in the school!