January 2021 Newsletter
A wonderful year end .... and a bright 2021 on the horizon!
Happy New Year! Reading Power extends heartfelt wishes to "our" family, friends, and supporters for a happy and healthy 2021 and sincere thanks for our impactful 2020. 

During a year filled with unforeseen obstacles, Reading Power's commitment to our students remained strong thanks to record level donations of time and funding from our generous donors, our volunteer tutors, and our staff.

Contributions received in 2020 grew significantly over the previous year, and Reading Power welcomed 80 new donors! We could not be more proud or more thankful for each contribution. Together we continue to do more to foster the promise of literacy.

This month we recognize BCU, The Gelber Group, and The Mistler Charitable Trust as part of our growing community of supporters.

With a bright 2021 on the horizon, we look forward to doing even MORE in the year ahead and to strengthening our connections and impact with our students, our Reading Power family and friends, and in the communities we serve.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as the year progresses!
Proud and Notable 2020 Achievements...
  • Created virtual tutoring platform and programming
  • Launched virtual tutoring following successful summer pilot program
  • Student mid-year growth was on target for success
  • Created 40 Read Aloud Videos
  • Distributed 2189 books and 305 games
  • Provided 860 learning activity bags
  • Created and implemented prekindergarten book-a-month program
  • Received $25,000 State Farm Award
  • Completed Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business Case Study
  • Participated in the Lake Forest Station Pop-Up Market
I promise you every day your child will learn something. 
Some days they'll bring it home in their hands
Some days they'll bring it home in their heads.
Some days they'll bring it home in their hearts
~Valerie Welk 

Children in kindergarten are curious, energetic, social and observant. Even during virtual tutoring, you can see and feel their exuberance. Our students want to be at Reading Power! As one parent recently commented, “This is her favorite part of the day! Every morning she wakes up and asks if it’s a Reading Power day.”

Site coordinators Andrea Glickman and Kristin Fine state that the successful pivot to virtual tutoring, building a program, training tutors, and connecting with teachers and parents in new ways, has been a very satisfying accomplishment during these unprecedented times.

We have witnessed growth in our kindergarten student’s early literacy skills, as evidenced by our assessments. Students’ enjoyment of reading books, playing literacy games, and forming relationships with their tutors virtually has exceeded our expectations. Despite some initial concerns about tutor-student connections using Zoom, we have seen how easily the relationships have developed and how important they have been to our students' learning.

The connections between Reading Power and parents have been strengthened during virtual tutoring. We hear more from more parents than ever and are delighted to read their emails and texts and see them drop in on their child’s Zoom session!  

Under Andrea and Kristin's leadership and guidance, our kindergarten program has never been better!
Andrea Glickman
Kristin Fine

"We are so proud of our dedicated and committed tutors. They have come far in learning virtual technology and effectively reaching our youngest learners across a challenging virtual platform. It’s been a great learning experience for all of us." - Andrea and Kristin
Reading Power Tutors - Making Connections, Leading the Way

Connections allow the Reading Power family to DO MORE together to foster the promise of literacy. The relationships between students and Reading Power tutors help make learning possible. Below are some comments from Kindergarten tutor Rob D:

RP - How did you come to Reading Power?
RD - After a 40-year career as a veterinarian, I discovered RP two years ago through a friend and fellow tutor. I was hoping to spend part of my retirement volunteering, feeding the hungry, and working with children, and I found RP to be a great fit.

RP - What changes have you experienced with the shift to virtual tutoring?
RD - I am immensely impressed with RP's virtual classroom! The virtual chalkboard and online book selections are wonderful, and RP's contribution of student supplies and headphones keeps growing. Connections with students are different than those made in person but remain strong.

RP - What is the most rewarding, surprising, unique, and/or satisfying part of tutoring?
RD - "The moment one of my students begins to read, I am left with a feeling of great joy, how I felt the first time I swam with a dolphin. I had an ear-to-ear smile!"
Be sure to follow Reading Power's social media pages to hear more exciting tales from tutoring and meet our team on "Tutor Tuesdays"!
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Our Mission

Working in partnership with underserved schools, 
Reading Power provides one-to-one tutoring during the school day 
for children in prekindergarten through second grade.  

Our mission is to accelerate children's literacy learning, 
and to develop in them a love of reading and writing. 
All children deserve to reach their intellectual potential.

Reading Power Board of Directors
Kathy McFarland, PhD, Chairman, CEO
Marra Lochiatto, MBA, Vice Chair
Jim Young, MBA, Treasurer
Ann Bates, EdD
Kathleen Cowie
John Davidson 
Mary Jane Hender, EdD
Todd Litzsinger
Rahul Malhotra, MBA
Melinda Mooney
Beverly Raudabaugh, MBA
Frank Sibley
Arthur Turner
Mary Weber, MA
Tom Wood
Rev. Dr. Gordon Butcher, DMin, Emeritus
Reading Power Program Staff
Lisa Bulzoni, MEd, Director of Programs
Daniela Cruz, Program Assistant
Nancy Duffy, Resource Development Manager
Joanie Alley, MSEd, Assistant Site Coordinator
Katie Burdiak, BA, Assistant Site Coordinator
Julie Collishaw, MA, Site Coordinator
Kristin Fine, MEd, Site Coordinator
Andrea Glickman, MAEd, Site Coordinator
Marla Guziec, BS, Site Coordinator
Mary Jane Hender, EdD, Site Coordinator
Joy McGreevy, BA, Site Coordinator
Cathy Plate, MSEd, Assistant Site Coordinator
Kay Roller, Site Coordinator
Marion Schmidt, BS, Site Coordinator
Karen Uihlein, Assistant Site Coordinator
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