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2020 Year in Review
It goes without saying that 2020 was HARD. Throughout 2020, COVID-19-related shutdowns and restrictions forced many of our companies to change the way that we normally conducted business. NGBS Green Verifiers were forced to quickly learn and implement the NGBS Green Virtual Inspection Protocol. Builders and developers implemented new on-site protocols to keep their employees and trade partners safe. Many project teams faced product delays due to supply chain disruptions.

Especially considering those difficulties, we are tremendously grateful for your partnership and continued pursuit of third-party green certification, which requires additional care and attention during every stage of design and construction. You have demonstrated an incredible commitment to providing safe, healthy, and efficient homes for your residents/buyers.

2020 was an incredible year for NGBS Green certification activity, with 1,583 multifamily buildings, representing 61,177 dwelling units, and 2,010 single-family homes certified.

Notable milestones:

Thank you for your support of NGBS Green in 2020!
Book Your IBSx Virtual Focus Groups Today
Home Innovation Research Labs is the official market research provider of IBSx. We will be conducting marketing research of all types – focus groups, dyads, triads, one-on-one IDIs, and/or recruiting for your internal research initiatives – among 2021 IBS attendees. If you are interested in insights and feedback from this key group of industry professionals, just tell us the information you want, the type of pros you want to hear from, and we'll help you design the best plan to achieve your research objectives. Trust our decades of expertise to help you analyze the findings, draw implications, and make actionable recommendations for your business.

IBS provides a great opportunity to do research among construction pros that are typically difficult to obtain and expensive to interview. Get in touch with Home Innovation’s Market Research team today to start planning your IBSx research path.
First WRI Verifier - Congratulations to Leandro Pena-Salvatico!
With the release of the 2020 NGBS, homes can now earn a certified water rating index (WRI) score that indicates a property’s total indoor and outdoor water use compared to a baseline.

Leandro Pena-Salvatico, NGBS Green Verifier with US-EcoLogic, became the first NGBS Green Verifier to complete specialized training in order to score and verify homes for a certified WRI score. Congratulations, Leandro! As more Verifiers become trained and credentialed to offer this new option, we will update our online list.
Leandro Pena-Salvatico, first NGBS Green WRI Verifier
NGBS Green Partner Awards Are Coming
If you know an NGBS Green Partner that deserves recognition, let us know! Architects, builders, developers, verifiers, government officials, lending officers – all are eligible to be recognized for promoting green sustainable design and construction. Email Michelle with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Company 
  3. Location
  4. A few sentences on why they deserve NGBS Green Partner of Excellence recognition

And don’t be shy – feel free to nominate yourself or your company. We will announce the Partners of Excellence sometime in early 2021.
NGBS Under Continuous Maintenance; Proposed Changes Accepted Online
As of January 6, 2020, the 2020 edition of the ICC -700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) was approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Read the Home Innovation Research Labs news release about the approval. Because it is under continuous maintenance and proposed changes can be submitted at any time using the online form.
HUD Releases 2020 MAP Guide
The Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide provides comprehensive instruction and requirements for the origination, underwriting, and endorsement of HUD-FHA insured mortgages for multifamily properties.
E-QUIP Act Introduced to Promote Green Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency
Federal legislation has been introduced that would help modernize building infrastructure and investment in energy efficiency. The Energy Efficient Qualified Improvement Property, or E-QUIP, would support improvement in both commercial buildings and multifamily components and covers the components and controls that most impact energy consumption, including heating and cooling, lighting, and envelope upgrades. This legislation would have tremendous impact on our industry; we encourage you to contact your federal representatives and describe the importance of multifamily energy retrofits.
NYSERDA Seeks Input on NYStretch Energy Code
NYSERDA is seeking input that will support and inform New York State’s efforts to update the existing NYStretch 2020 Energy Code through the development of NYStretch 2023. Priority topics include thermal bridging, air leakage, passive house, building and system controls, and indoor air quality. Responses to RFI 4590 are due by 3PM EST, February 16, 2021.
QAP Watch
The following states have or will revise their Qualified Allocation Plans (QAP) for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC). The summaries included indicate if NGBS Green certification is incentivized and provide information on how to submit comments or stay informed. If you know of current QAP activity in your state or locale that is not listed here or included in our online QAP Round-Up, please contact us.

ARIZONA - the 2021 Arizona QAP is now Governor-approved. The QAP does not recognize any green building programs.

ARKANSAS - a final 2021 Arkansas QAP has been published. The QAP does not recognize any green building programs.

CALIFORNIA - in the December Insider Update, we indicated that the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) had reversed on their plan to eliminate the Sustainable Building Methods criteria, including all green building programs, from the 2020 Regulations. Since that newsletter was released, another version of the final regulations was published. The latest version does not require green building certifications to be pursued. However, when they are pursued, the requirement to complete the agency’s Sustainable Building Method Workbook is waived.

Many stakeholders shared written and verbal comments with CTCAC regarding the value of third-party green building certifications. A big thank you to Moe Fakih, NGBS Green Verifier with VCA Green, for sharing his perspective and advocating on this important topic!

COLORADO - the 2021-2022 Colorado QAP is now Governor-approved. All projects must obtain green certification to the NGBS, Enterprise Green Communities, or LEED. Projects must also include electric vehicle-ready parking spaces and track energy use post-construction.

DELAWARE - the 2021-2022 Delaware QAP is now Governor-approved. Three base points are available for NGBS, Enterprise Green Communities, or LEED certification. Two points are available for passive house certification, DOE ZERH, or a HERS score of 75 or lower (rehabilitation and acquisition only). Three additional points are available for integrative design, resilient construction, or building design and construction certification.

MISSISSIPPI - the 2021 Mississippi QAP is now Governor-approved. All new construction and rehabilitation developments are required to comply with the Bronze level of the NGBS. Seven points are available when NGBS Green Certification at the Silver level or Enterprise Green Communities certification is achieved.

MONTANA - the 2022 Montana QAP is now Governor-approved. The QAP does not include any green building programs; however, there are 100 points available for prescriptive green building practices.

NEVADA - the final 2021 Nevada QAP has been published. The QAP does not include any green building programs; however, there are mandatory energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and on-site verification requirements. Energy performance above ENERGY STAR Certified Homes v3.1 is required.

NORTH CAROLINA - the 2021 North Carolina QAP is now Governor-approved. The QAP requires ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction for new construction and indicates that rehabilitation projects "must comply to the extent doing so is economically feasible and as allowed by historic preservation rules." As the 2020 QAP had referenced ENERGY STAR 2.0-an outdated program version that was below code and no longer available for certification-we view this as a significant improvement, as energy efficiency requirements will now have third-party review and oversight.

WEST VIRGINIA - the 2021-2022 West Virginia QAP is now Governor-approved. The QAP awards 15 points when the project’s developer attends a green building training.
In each issue of Insider Update, Home Innovation profiles products that can help builders achieve points toward NGBS Green Certification. To browse all NGBS Green Certified products, visit the online directory.
Thompson Creek TC 900 Series Double-Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows
Thompson Creek’s double-hung vinyl replacement windows blend tradition with innovative engineering. The double-hung windows feature a strong frame made from high-quality, durable materials and a glass package designed for maximum energy efficiency. The windows have been certified for 11.701.4.3.4, fenestration air leakage for renovation.
Funding Opportunity – The Next EPIC Challenge
The California Energy Commission is funding a design-build competition that will challenge multi-disciplinary project teams to design and build a mixed-use development – using cutting-edge energy technologies, tools and construction practices – that is affordable, equitable, emissions-free and resilient to climate change impacts and extreme weather events. Concept application abstracts are due April 26, 2021, and full applications for the design and build phases are due in the summer.
Funding Opportunity – Charge Ready NY
Charge Ready NY (PON 3923) provides $4,000 per installed electric vehicle (EV) charging port to applicants who purchase and installed qualified Level 2 EV charging equipment. Equipment must be installed at New York State locations that provide public charging, workplace charging, or charging at a multi-unit dwelling. Both public and private entities are eligible to apply. Applicants should be the owners of the EV charging equipment.
Funding Opportunity – FY21 Resilient Maryland
The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) recently announced the FY21 Resilient Maryland program, which is aimed at driving growth in the adoption of microgrid and other distributed energy resource (“DER”) systems that provide clean, efficient, reliable energy to key entities across the State of Maryland. The program provides funds for completion of the planning and design of DER systems, and is offered to all types of entities across the State of Maryland seeking clean, efficient, resilient energy solutions, including multifamily housing communities (e.g. senior housing, advanced care facilities, vulnerable populations, etc.).

Funding applications are accepted until 11:50PM EST on Friday, January 29, 2021. To learn more and apply, visit https://energy.maryland.gov/business/pages/ResilientMaryland.aspx
Fannie Mae Green Certification Financing Incentives
Fannie Mae offers preferential pricing on loans secured by a multifamily property with a Fannie Mae-recognized green building certification, such as NGBS Green. Information about the Fannie Mae financing incentives are available here. The current pricing benefit for properties with an NGBS certification is up to 20 bps. Please note, the pricing benefit changes; this is the current (as of this issue date), not guaranteed future, pricing. The actual incentive depends on many characteristics of the deal – for example, does the borrower already have a relationship with Fannie Mae; what’s the LTV of the loan; does the property have any affordable units; etc. Fannie Mae is always very supportive of deals that also support their mission business.

Also, communities of single-family rental homes are eligible for Fannie Mae Multifamily financing and can therefore take advantage of the green certification incentive financing if the homes earn NGBS Green certification. Interested in more information? Contact Michelle.
NGBS Green Project Case Studies
We’ve recently started highlighting and posting more case studies on NGBS Green Certified projects – check out the latest additions below. Have a project that you think would make a great NGBS Green case study? Contact Michelle.

  • Find out more about Broadstone Junction, a multifamily community with two historic renovation and 2 new buildings located in Norcross, GA, which was our 250,000th NGBS Green home certification.

  • Greenwich Condos was the first 2020 NGBS Green Certified multifamily building and also earned the first NGBS Green+ WELLNESS badge.
AIA Lunch and Learns on the NGBS
While COVID shut down our in-person architect Lunch and Learn series, we have been ZOOMing along meeting with architect firms virtually. Home Innovation is a recognized Continuing Education provider through the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The course listed below has been pre-approved for 1-hour of credit through AIA.

(Please note: Credit is only available for live online or in-person presentations. If you would like to schedule a virtual Lunch and Learn for your team, please contact Michelle.)

2020 NGBS Overview: ANSI recently approved the 2020 NGBS, the third version to date, with an expanded scope that applies to mixed-use buildings, assisted living facilities, hotels, dormitories, lodging houses, and even monasteries. The 2020 NGBS includes a certification path for the commercial space of mixed-use buildings; greater flexibility for existing buildings being renovated or converted; a new performance path for water efficiency; and new practices designed to promote resiliency, universal design, wellness.
Certification Agency Interpretations of 2020 NGBS
View the interpretations Home Innovation Research Labs has made in our capacity as NGBS Certification Agency on our website, including a recent address of 2020 NGBS Appendix D, the Water Rating Index.
WRI — the New “MPG” Metric for Home Water Use
As consumers, we appreciate the opportunity to use performance metrics to estimate the total cost of ownership of our vehicles, homes, and appliances. For decades, consumers have relied on the “MPG” metric for understanding how much it would cost to operate a vehicle for their daily commute, errands, and social activities. Find out in Cindy’s blog how NGBS’s “WRI” likewise provides homeowners with guidance on water efficiency.
Commercial Product Manufacturers — Get Your Products NGBS Green Certified
With the release of the 2020 NGBS, the scope of Home Innovation’s NGBS Green Certification expanded, making the program even more relevant to the multifamily and commercial sectors of the construction industry. Now, most products intended for commercial applications are eligible to be certified and recognized for their contribution toward residential spaces complying with the NGBS. The Commercial Spaces compliance pathway also introduced many new practices that refer to commercial building products, appliances, and fixtures. Now is the perfect time to get your commercial building products NGBS Green Certified. Check out Cindy’s blog to find out more.
What’s Residential & Non-Residential & Green All Over? 2020 NGBS Green Certified Mixed-Use Buildings
The 2020 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) includes some significant revisions from previous versions. One of the most significant is the scope expansion that allows the NGBS to be used for the design and construction of both the residential and non-residential space in mixed-use buildings. Prior to the 2020 NGBS, only the residential portion of mixed-use buildings could seek NGBS Green certification — the non-residential portion was either not included or was forced to seek certification from another program. Read Michelle’s blog to learn more.
Five Golden Things (to know about the 2020 NGBS)
In the spirit of the holiday season, Michelle summarized the 5 (golden) things to know about the 2020 NGBS. Review her blog and start your 2021 certification gameplan.
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Building Science, Research Engineer III - Sustainable Construction
Home Innovation Research Labs is looking for an inspired building scientist/building construction engineer to join our research team responsible for programmatic efforts in the fields of energy efficiency, energy modeling, technology innovation, and green building in residential construction.

Entry-Level Research Engineer - Building Science and Sustainable Construction
Home Innovation Research Labs is seeking a recent engineering graduate to join our Building Science Division. This person will be responsible for project work in the areas of energy efficiency, disaster resistance, cost evaluation, technology innovation, and green building in residential construction. For more information.

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