Recently I came across notes I took from a talk given by evangelist, Ron Hutchcraft in 1999. He told a crowd of youth leaders, “We are living in a defining moment… we have been given a decisive position… and we have been entrusted with a desperate mission.” 
Those words are certainly as true today as they were twenty-two years ago!
As Reach Out Youth Solutions enters 2021, we are in a defining moment. We are about to launch an online platform that will exponentially expand our training capacity. And since COVID has opened the world to online opportunities more than ever before, this is the perfect time to provide resources, training, mentoring, and encouragement through that medium. This platform will use Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry to equip and multiply younger generation leaders to reach and disciple teenagers so that they become disciple-makers… like Chismo Banda.

RO Country Leader Iwell Phiri +
Chismo Banda
Chismo lives in Chifombo Village in Mozambique. He grew up in the traditions of his village – practicing Nyau dancing, witchcraft, and many other evil practices. In August of last year, Chismo was saved and baptized during a JFYM Forum. Pastor Iwell began discipling him this fall. Since becoming a Christian, God has used Chismo to bring a spiritual awakening to his village. Over the last 5 months, his mother, father, and 25 family members are all believers, as well as 180 villagers who have given their lives to Jesus. They are all now meeting together as a new “church” of over 200 newly baptized believers! The salvation of Chismo was certainly a “defining moment” for the people of Chifombo!
RO Country Leader
Christina Oleksyuk +
the Ukrainian team
RO Country Leader Billy Banda teaching, distanced in Malawi
RO Country Leader Lawrence Kinuthia teaching, distanced in Botswana

A decisive position? 
Historically God has chosen to use Reach Out in ways that have prepared us for this moment. Over the last 45 years, Reach Out has faithfully trained and multiplied over 100,000 youth leaders in more than 30 countries around the world. 1,000 of those leaders have taken the next step to become certified as “Eagle Leaders” (leaders of leaders). From those leaders, we now have Reach Out country leaders in 16 countries who oversee networks of youth leaders who are introducing, implementing, and multiplying our training. The results to date: over 1 million young people have been individually reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Reach Out moves into this new season of ministry, there are key church leaders in India, Nigeria, and Guinea who are asking us to begin training in their countries in 2021! AND, as of this month, we can now add the country of Angola to the list of those who have requested training to begin in their country. (More on that story in next month’s newsletter!) Thankfully, we already have JFYM materials translated into Portuguese…one of the primary languages spoken in Angola!
Bishop Omphemetsi
Molefi Senior Secondary, where Bishop O. ministers
to students
And finally… we are humbled that God has invited us to join Him in this "desperate mission.” A mission that involves rescuing the remaining 2.3 billion young people in our world who don’t know Jesus as Savior. Youth rescued from lives of emptiness, hopelessness, and eternal separation from God. Youth rescued to lives of purpose, hope, and an eternal relationship with the God who created them and loves them like no one else ever will...

Youth rescued like those in Botswana this fall when Bishop Omphemetsi, a youth leader trained by ROYS, followed God into this desperate mission. He started ministering to students in 7 schools in his area. Over the last few months, 61 students have given their lives to Jesus Christ. Most of these students had been placed in these particular schools for disciplinary reasons and had been labeled as problematic. Now they are new creations in Christ (II Cor. 5:17) and are being discipled to become disciple-makers within their generation.

Thank you for supporting Reach Out Youth Solutions with your prayers and financial gifts, as we continue to follow God on this “desperate mission” to reach the youth of our world who have yet to accept Jesus as Savior and King. Your commitment to Reach Out equips youth leaders around the world as they use principles found in JFYM to reach the "Chismos" of the world.
Beginning this month we are combining our monthly newsletter with the monthly prayer letter, providing even more people the opportunity to join us as we pray over the needs and thank God for the blessings throughout this ministry each month.
Jesus is Lord,