It's hard to believe we're only three weeks into 2021! It's been a long month in which big questions around justice, truth and democracy have been asked. Last year, we focused on trying to define justice. This year, we will be focusing on what PILI can do to bring increased access to justice in Illinois. PILI can act as the gateway through which the legal community serves.

In this newsletter, you can read more of an introduction to that theme, as well as learn more about our upcoming programs and events. We also share highlights from our 2020 Internship & Fellowship Programs.

We hope you will join us in 2021 as we try to open the gateway to justice ever wider and help more people in need.


Highlights from 2020 Evaluations
Each of PILI's Interns and Fellows fills out service tracking and evaluation forms. At the end of each semester, we gather the results and publish highlights, including quotes and statistics from Interns, Fellows and their Supervisors. You can read these highlights from 2020 on our website.