While most visits will be virtual, for those of you who want to venture an in-person visit if colleges are offering admission events and tours (both group and self-guided), here are some tips:

  • Review the Academic Calendar 
  • Identify Your Options 
  • Determine Your Needs 
  • Make a Reservation 
  • Plan the Trip

Click for the full article: Tips for Planning College Visits.

As you begin planning your college visits for Spring Break, you'll want to make sure that students are on campus--even as things might look different this year. This website lists many college's spring breaks:

And here is a guide and video to help you navigate virtual visits.
What's On Our Minds
Summer Planning

Now is the time to start thinking about how to spend your summers. Many summer programs have an application deadline of March 1 or earlier, and others offer early registration discounts. It’s good to start early to figure out how to make the most of your summer because it is a great time to fill in gaps in your profile or dive deeper into areas of interest for high school sophomores and juniors.

Here is a blog post that lists online summer opportunities, which may still be the main option for 2021.
LD College Visits

For a student with learning differences, finding a college with the necessary accommodations and academic support services is important to his/her academic success. Services at the post-secondary level vary widely and can be grouped into three categories: minimal, moderate, and comprehensive program.

  • Minimal Services
  • Moderate Services
  • Comprehensive Program

Housing at State Schools

At some state schools (e.g., Colorado), the earlier you submit your deposit to the school, the higher priority you will receive in the housing lottery. So, if your child has been admitted to a state school and it is one of their top choices, please contact the school’s housing office to find out if you will benefit from depositing early. Please note that if you pay a deposit and ultimately choose another school, then you will forfeit that money, so you may not want to take the risk. In any event, it’s good to understand how housing assignments work at your top choice schools.
Study Tips for Major Exams

Here are some tips to help you do your best during exams:

  • Organize and Plan Ahead.
  • Determine your needs.
  • Create a "Distraction Free" Zone.
  • Take an Exercise Break.

Click here to read more about    Study Tips for Major Exams
Sending Midyear Reports

Now is time to put in a request to guidance to send your midyear report. Schools may also request additional information. 

Click to read:   Sending Midyear Reports
What We're Reading

Please continue to update us on the status of your applications. Be aware of financial aid deadlines and as always, contact us with any questions.


Please send us feedback on any college visits or test scores so we can continue to refine your list. If we have not met already, please schedule your College List Personal Needs Assessment to develop your list. 


If you haven't already, please schedule a meeting to discuss classes for next year and summer plans. Also if you want to start testing the waters and visiting some colleges to get a sense of what you like and dislike, let us know and we'll map out a plan.