January 2021
American Lung Association's COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit & Guide
Many Americans are still deciding if they will get the COVID-19 vaccine. The American Lung Association has partnered with the Center for Black Health & Equity and National Alliance for Hispanic Health to provide science-based, factual guides to help you to make a well-informed decision about COVID-19 vaccination for yourself. The downloadable guide includes information about: 
  • How the body fights disease and how viruses and vaccines work
  • How the COVID-19 vaccine was and was not accelerated
  • Clinical trials and the meaning behind double-blinded studies

Start your research with free resources at Lung.org/vaccine-toolkit
Let's Talk About Kids and Vaping
American Lung Association’s National Senior Director, Jennifer Folkenroth, discusses kids and vaping. This informative podcast covers several topics including youth vaping, programs available for schools, administrators and youth, and how the American Lung Association is working to end the tobacco epidemic.

Also, as a member of the Vape-Free Schools initiative, schools will learn to navigate the youth vaping crisis by learning to implement INDEPTH®, an alternative to suspension, and N-O-T (Not-On-Tobacco®) a vaping/tobacco cessation program.  

The podcast airs on TLTalkRadio.org and is labeled as: Podcast Season 7: Episode 19 - Jennifer Folkenroth, American Lung Association, on Vaping.
Eastern Continuing Medical Education Conferences
If you are a pulmonary physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, or other health care professional, you should consider these American Lung Association conferences below! All three events are offering CMEs and CEUs. 

Continuing Medical Education Virtual Conferences:
The 2021 Day at the Capitol, Attending the TA Conference
From Molly Pisciottano, Advocacy Director, American Lung Association
The 2021 Day at the Capitol event will be held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 and will be held virtually. Registration is now open. Be sure to sign up today!

The PACT team is also excited to share the registration links for this year’s DTPC Technical Assistance Conference! The TA Conference will be hosted through Zoom, and will be held on February 3rd through February 4th, with optional office hours on February 5th. The registration links are below:

Scholastic Launches Student Challenge 'Vaping’s Not My Thing'  
FDA has been working with Scholastic to develop youth e-cigarette prevention materials for middle and high school students. A student magazine and an accompanying teacher guide are now available to teach students about the risks of e-cigarette use and nicotine addiction.

Scholastic has also launched The “Vaping’s Not My Thing” Student Challenge. Students are asked to create a poster that convinces teens not to vape because of the health risks. Entries will be accepted until March 22, 2021.

Kathy Crosby, Director of Communications at FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, has authored a blog as well, which advises parents and teachers about disposable and stealth e-cigarettes. These items can be disguised as backpacks, smartwatches, or gaming devices. Youth use of disposables has increased according to the 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey.
Member Highlights
Spreading the Word! PA LGBTA Health Needs Assessment
From Christina Graham Brasavage, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center
The 2020 PA LGBTA Health Needs Assessment report is now available. I highly encourage you to view the report.

I also wanted to share a resource we've developed specifically for Regional Primary Contactors. You can find all eight of these regional profiles in American Lung Association's Regional Coalition website, under additional resources. The regional profiles summarize some of the findings with a focus on tobacco-related data points. 
Lebanon Family Health Services, FFS Testimonial
Submitted by Lebanon Family Health Services, Holly Dolan; Written by Ana Montanez, Freedom From Smoking participant

"I smoked from age 16 to age 55. My father was a smoker and having been exposed to smoking, I became a smoker myself."  

"Today, I am a Resident Services Coordinator for Housing Development Corporation Mid-Atlantic. In 2015, I reached out to Lebanon Family Health Services to set up onsite classes for my residents to help them quit smoking."

"My situation with smoking was weighing heavily on my heart. Five years had passed since my personal goal to quit, so I decided to take the classes with my residents. I knew that this would be a good way to support each other. The instructor was very knowledgeable and taught us proven skills that with time proved they work."  

"On Nov 17th, I celebrated five years smoke-free, thanks to those Freedom from Smoking classes. Today, I continue to encourage others by talking to them about my experience. I refer them to the program that helped me." 
NE PA Area Health Education Center FFS Classes
From Valerie Williams, Eastcentral & Northeast PA Area Health Education Center
The Northeast PA Area Health Education Center is now offering American Lung Association's, Freedom From Smoking, quit smoking program. Now available from the comfort of your own home through Zoom.

This virtual Freedom From Smoking group quit program sessions will be held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. This program will be offered for free and will provide free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, gum, lozenges) for one month to participants. If you or someone you know may be interested, email info@ecneahec.org to register. New groups forming today!
Harrisburg YMCA's Healthy Living Programs
From Amy L. Lauver, Harrisburg Area YMCA
With a new year beginning, the Harrisburg Area YMCA has many program kick-offs!
  1. YMCA's Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program for adults with hypertension is having open enrollment now and a new class session will be starting early 2021. Call Amy Jacobs at 717-232-3113 for details.
  2. YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program for adults with prediabetes is enrolling now and will be kicking off in early 2021. Call Megan Maurer at 717-232-2004 to enroll.
  3. Tobacco Cessation Program, Freedom From Smoking, takes on new participants every day. Call Amy Lauver at 717-236-1317 to get started.
  4. LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA, our program for individuals living with or beyond cancer, is taking enrollment now and will begin in early 2021. Call Amy Jacobs at 717-232-3113 for more information.

To enroll, call 717-232-3751 today! You can view the entire program list on YMCA's website.
Reminder to check out the Regional Pennsylvania Tobacco-Free Coalition website often. New resources are added daily!
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