January 2021
Families, we encourage you to stay updated on what's going on campus regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click on the link below.
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New Year, New Semester

The spring semester officially starts on January 9th. We have provided a checklist to help prepare you and your students for the new semester!

  • Double-check to see if your classes will be remote, in-person, or hybrid.
  • If your student is planning on staying away from campus, they will want to register for remote classes.
  • This will give students the opportunity to take their classes fully online.
  • If your student will be staying on campus and will want in-person classes, they will want to register for hybrid or in-person classes.

  • If this is your student's first semester as a residential student, make sure to make a checklist of belongings that they will need.
  • Some items to add to this list should be toiletries, a microwave, clothes, a mini-fridge (visit our admissions website for accepted measurements), school supplies, masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies.

  • Students should double-check that all of their holds are removed.
  • Some holds may include an orientation hold, an advising hold, and an immunization hold.
  • Students can complete their hold requirements by visiting their Owldone Portal.

Make a Handshake Account

Handshake is the one-stop-shop when it comes to applying for jobs and internships.

Students will have the opportunity to create a free account and start searching for job and internship listings today!

Encourage your students to create an account today!

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